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It’s 21 years today since Black Monday on Wall Street…October 19,1987

Exactly 21 years ago on Monday,October 19,1987 the Dow Jones Industrial Average sunk 508 points or 22% in just one day…Black Monday

The Genesis was the Easy Money and Junk Bonds to create leverage to buy out Companies and the rampant Insider Trading prevalent…an era of Greenmailers

Nobody ,and I mean Nobody, has consistently predicted rightly the future of Exchange Rates,Interest rates,Economy and Stock Markets…1987 was predicted by analyst Elaine Garzarelli who became the darling of Wall Street….but her next five major calls were all wrong and she faded out

It was also the time when I returned to India…No ! No ! not because of Black Monday…but for something…actually someone…. even more threatening !…..a beautiful Woman,who has become my Wife…Man does make Mistakes in Life,you know ! …they say you can’t buy Love !…but you pay heavily for it ! ….on Second Thought  (  provoked by the thought of what my wife would do to me for this sentiment !) ,I would not have wanted it any other way !




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