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It’s SPAIN !….just beat Germany 1-0 in the FIFA Semis to meet Netherlands in the Final…Paul, the Octopus in Germany to be eaten for once again predicting the Winner correctly !

The Germans are surely going to eat Paul,their Octopus today !…What an irony ! Their Octopus has always picked the Winner correctly and it  had picked Spain for today’s Semi-Finals v/s Germany !…It predicted right yet again !….and poor Paul is going to die for being right! as the Germans have said they will eat the Octopus if Germany loses !…maybe it may live for a few days more as it may be asked to predict the 3rd Place Winners when the losing semi-finalists,Germany and Uruguay play each other on Saturday,July 10,2010 !

The Spaniards were deserving winners…making regular inroads into the German Defence…In the 73rd minute it was the Spaniard, Carles Puyol who powered in a  great header from a Corner to make it 1-0 for Spain…This was the closing scoreline…. makes it look like it was a close and tight match…it really was not…the Germans ,without Mueller,were not just not themselves…the spark that demolished England in the QFs was missing

Spain should have won 2-0 if Pedro had been unselfish and passed to Torres to score…in fact Pedro was preferred to Torres in the Opening Eleven…and played a brilliant match except for this one selfish moment which denied Spain a second Goal…..Torres was benched and  came in only late in the second half as a substitute 

So on Sunday,July 11,2010 it will be SPAIN v/s NETHERLANDS and whoever wins,the World will see a New World Football Champion…an Eighth Champion

Cheers !


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