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‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ ~ A very Looooooooong Shah Rukh Khan & Katrina Kaif & Anoushka Sharma starrer !

‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ ~ Diwali Release starring Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif and Anoushka Sharma ~What a Loooooooooong Movie !  We began seeing it just past 10 pm ,Wednesday Night,November 14,2012 at Inox at Nariman Point on Hindu New Year Night a few hours earlier and the Movie ended at 1.30 am on Thursday early morning ,November 15,2012!

It’s a Movie on Love and has quite a few sob moments ~ The Film is shot in London,Kashmir and Ladakh ~ Interestingly Shah Rukh Khan had never been to Kashmir in his Life as a choice before this ! Seems his Grandfather had told him to see at least three places in the World ~ Istanbul,Rome and Kashmir and that while he could go on his own to the others,he would show or rather show off Kashmir to him ~ he passed away before he could do so and SRK had deliberately not gone to Kashmir all these years in deference to his grandfather and had never accompanied his wife or children when they went holidaying there  ~ However he gave in to Yash Raj  to show him Kashmir while shooting this film there as he considered him a father figure

There are some mellow  lovey dovey utterances ” Hur Ishq ka koi waqt hota hai…aur joh abhi waqt naa hoh,iska yeh matlab nahi ki Ishq nahi hai…aur jab waqt aataa hai toh khuda bhi ishq ko nahi rok sakta toh waqt kya cheez hai !”…this flowed from Rishi Kapoor who plays a cute cameo couple role with real life life partner,Neetu Singh Kapoor, when asked by Katrina how he could havewaited for her mom for Eight Years with firm belief  that she will come to him and become his companion for the rest of her life despite being married and with a child ~ Neetu Singh too says a classic to Katrina to explain why she left her husband and Katrina’s father for Rishi Kapoor Joh khud Khush nahi hota woh doosroh koh kabhi khushi nahi dey sakta”   

Kashmir and Ladakh Locales are heavenly ~ we had our Honeymoon in Kashmir and we complete 25 years next year and the demand and sentiment is strong to relive Kashmir next year !

Katrina is simply sizzling hot in the dance Number and the rhythm wants you to get up and dance in the aisles ! ~ thought SRK is a bit aged for this role but as the bubbly young modern generation Anoushka tells him that in her generation she will never find a man like him…..

The Movie opens with Anoushka ,to win a bet,in just a bare bikini diving of a rock in the middle of the Lake in Ladakh into freezing waters only to be rescued from certain death by SRK who essays the role of Major Samar Anand ,a legendary Bomb Defuser in the Indian Army

I was wondering how Anoushka actually got to the rock in the middle of the Lake without getting wet !

Wonder if anyone will notice that in the first half of the movie there are greetings of ‘Khuda Hafiz” while in the second half the greetings are dominated by ‘Allah Hafiz’ between SRK and his London Roommate from Lahore….many of you out there should know why the greeting is more and more now ‘Allah Hafiz’ even in real life

Katrina and SRK lock lips several times in the movie…and every time they do the guy sitting in the row behind me in the theatre unfailingly nudges my chair with his legs ! …he was truly physically moved to expression !

And a middle aged couple with their teenage son sitting next to us were  second guessing the scenes that would unfold in the movie ! ~ and father was asserting himself  towards the end that now watch how SRK blows himself up while defusing this last bomb !

The Movie is about how Divine is the Emotion of  Love between Lovers and how Blessed are those who actually fall in Love and Live it to the Fullest  ~ The Emotion is so powerful that it conquers and converts like it does the 21 year old young Anoushka who quite matter of fact admits that her generation has sex first and then decides if it is Love ! and she is part of this make it and break it generation !

Ah! and yes ! Love is refreshingly declared the moment it is realised ! ~ first by SRK  to Katrina quite  matter of factedly and later by Anoushka to SRK  ~ no beating around the bush here ! ~ and they all three share good space on screen

The Movie could have been easily cut short  by at least half and hour to create a more lasting Impact ! ~ it does not have the makings of a Classic

However ‘Love’ is certainly a Great Way to begin Our New Year Samvat 2069 !  Wife and I are truly blessed !


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