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Jai Ho ! Tata….Rs One Lakh People’s Car…. NANO Car Booking Announced

Jai Ho ! Tatas !

The eagerly awaited booking for the Tata NANO Car…the Rs One Lakh Car…The People’s car…has just been announced this late afternoon…..Booking opens on April 9,2009 and will close on April 25,2009

You can access their website for more details

Ratan Tata appeared greatly relieved at the Press Conference….gave several light hearted comments…on answering how soon can an applicant/allottee expect the car delivery,Tata commented that it was like a Pretty Girl…the quicker you get her the better,otherwise she will age and get fat and lose her prettiness !…he will try to meet the demand fast…..

Ratan Tata used the words ‘Facetious’ and ‘Serendipitous’

“Facetious” means treating serious issues with inappropriate humour and Tata stated he was not sounding “facetious” when he made a ligh hearted comment

When a Foreign Correspondent asked how he could explain to those overseas this fantastic Interest that has been generated for NANO,Tata spoke humbly stating that the NANO Project actually began with the aim to transport Indian Families safely at an affordable cost and in a robust Car….Everything else,the Engineering etc…..was “Serendipitous”……  means the fortunate occurrence of events by chance 

Ratan Tata said the NANO will be a profitable Venture without revealing margins. 

Some Interesting NANO facts

  • Three Variants to be launched
  • 23.6 Km/Litre Fuel Efficiency
  • Rear Engine 624 cc
  • Wide Colour Range
  • Initial Annual Production 50000 from Pantnagar Plant
  • Real Scale when Sanand Plant in Gujarat rolls out Production end 2009/early 2010….Annual Capacity is 250000 that can be ramped up to 500000
  • Tatas moved out the NANO Project from Singur in West Bengal due to the violence and hostilities unleashed by one political party with Ratan Tata in a TV Interview,bluntly accusing and blaming a business rival without naming them
  • Emission Norms ahead of Euro Legislations
  • Top Speed 105 kms/hour
  • Delivery Begins in July 2009
  • Fuel Tank is 15 Litres
  • Luggage Capacity ranging from 135 litres to 500 litres
  • Project Cost is Rs 2000 crs so far
  • Acceleration 0-60 kmph in 8.6 seconds
  • Warranty 18 Months/24000 km


  • Exclusive Tie Up with State Bank of India across 850 towns and cities for Collection and Booking
  • Down Payment begins with Rs 2999
  • Forms available across 30000 locations in over 1000 towns and cities…..Online,Westside,Titan,Croma,Dealers etc
  • Booking Form to cost Rs 300
  • Tie up with 15 Financiers
  • 380 Dealers and 450 Service Centres
  • One Lakh Allotments to be made initially by random….Expect 15 lakh Bookings !


State Bank of India has announced financing schemes,one of which is as below

  • Financed Amount : Rs One lakh
  • Term : 7 Years
  • EMI of Rs 1752

On Sum of Digits,I worked out the Real Interest Rate at 13.3 % pa

Later this evening there is a NANO ceremony at the Parsi Gymkhana on Marine Drive Seaface in South Mumbai….Tatas are ‘Parsis’ …maybe just a coincidence !

Whatever ! Mighty Proud as an “Indian”….Congratulations TATAS for our “INDIAN NANO”

My 19 year old son just called…..” Dad,are you applying for a ‘NANO’ for me ! ?



5 thoughts on “Jai Ho ! Tata….Rs One Lakh People’s Car…. NANO Car Booking Announced”

  1. Arzan Raimalwala

    wonder if the road infrastructure will be able to hold up the increased road traffic from the nano entry to the market.. at least maybe trains will be less crowded if more ppl drive the nano!

  2. Ratan Tata clearly indicated a rural focus for the NANO on being asked this question of road congestion…Indian Interiors has enough road leeway….but yes the problem will be acute in cities

  3. Good observation!…but I suppose quite a few words ending in “tious” and having “a” and “e” in this order in the first half of their spelling would also qualify !…Hunt for such words !

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