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Just Back from a Quantum Gazing Session with Connie Shaw through Skype

Just Back from a Quantum Gazing Session with Connie Shaw through Skype

Had accepted an Invitation from a close friend,a great devotee and believer in late Sai Baba of Puttaparthi ~ in fact has done his schooling there ~ he  was concerned about my recent health and had requested me to attend such a session at a residence of  another Sai Devotee ~ there were 40 of us and it was our first introduction to Quantum Gazing ~ Wife,daughter and Friend had accompanied me

We were seated by 6.30 pm in the gracious host’s house .The Session began at 7 pm with  a  20 minute Video Presentation on People expressing their personal beneficial experience with Gazing and on the various Masters of Light ~ Divine Humans,Gods,Saints and Angels

Then  we connected Live with Connie Shaw and her husband Jim on Skype ~ They spoke about Quantum Gazing interspersing with experiences of real people ~ Connie declared at the outset she was no Guru or Mystic ~ just like all of us ,a conduit ~ She currently reaches out to 6000 people in around 82 groups around the world

We had been requested to come with three to four specific intentions that we desired to change in our lives ~ Health,Relationships,Finances etc  ~ we were asked to lift our shoulders to our ears while breathing in deeply and then exhale to feel the warmth going through to our heart ~ did this a few times ~ then we were directed  to close our eyes and let float our specific intentions we had come with and no longer worry about them ~ then open our eyes gradually and gaze at Connie…..we did this for several minutes and were then asked if any of us would like to share what we felt after the gaze….some felt warmth….some saw God….I told her that I was  recovering from a Heart Attack and was in hospital even last week and felt breathless at times and the doctors were concerned about why this was happening~ gazing at her I sensed a serenity in her that transferred to me and eased my breath ~ an instant awe went up in all as I revealed this ~ Connie instantly told me not to worry about the doctors concerns ~ discard the negatives ~God is with me and my Heart will be taken care of ~ always be positive and look for the good to create more good ~ she spoke of ‘Atma’ and ‘Shakti’ and ‘Darshan’ ~ like the tide when it rises will raise the boat levels ,so will our spirits be lifted with quantum gazing and many of us will become magnets attracting others who like being around and with us….just like besides a waterfall or the fireside !

We must shed all Negative Emotions of Resentment,Jealousy,Anger,Hatred and actually Forget and Forgive from the Heart ~ These Negative Emotions are Walls that come up and act as Blocks to us receiving Transformation ~ Also if we do not want to be Healed,we will not ! ~ it’s up to us to open out to receive

Connie and Jim stated after our session that there is a three foot vertical aura cone over our head in which the Masters of Light are pouring scared chants and symbols into to come into us ! ~ Fascinating

Interesting Experience ! My Wife and our Friend felt it interesting too… soon to be 18  years old daughter though had a different take on it ! ~ she was the only one from the 40 of us who did not raise her hand when Connie asked if  we would like to have another session like this in the near future  ! ~ but I can tell you this ! daughter’s a thinker and is already a natural gazer ! ~ both are quite different !

The session ended around 8.30 pm

I’m now back home and Gazing at my Wife and she calls me Mad !~Gazing at Connie was clearly a different experience !

The Email Invite had carried some interesting Information and Instructions on Quantum Gazing as below :

Connie says the following in regards to this session:
Quantum Gazing™ is not a personal interaction between Connie and you, but rather a transmission through Connie in which you connect with the quantum field of all possibilities. Time and Space are meaningless in the quantum field and thus it is easy for Quantum Gazing™to be done over the internet with people thousands of miles away. Similarly, patterns of perfection from past or future are readily available since time is undefined in the quantum field.1. Set three intentions for any kind of change you would like in your life. Repeat them clearly and then just let them go like leaves floating down a stream. Now forget about them!

2. Move your consciousness into your heart so that you will make the connection with the quantum field. Breathe in deeply. As you exhale, imagine your consciousness moving down into your heart and then expanding out into the Universe. Repeat this twice more. Notice the physical feeling of being in your heart space.

3. With unfocused eyes and consciousness in the heart, gaze at Connie. You have begun the transformation process! Begin noticing any changes in your life, huge or minute. Expect wonderful things! Allow your life to recharge on many levels.

You may also read more articles on Connie’s website or at the following links :
In addition Connie also advices that you see links on the Quantam Gazing session on youtube-

THE GAZING EVENT – Use this as a CHECKLIST and have it in your hand at the Event

  1. After your group has been seated, it is very important that you show at least 10 minutes of one of the YouTube videos of interviews with people who have done Quantum Gazing. This will assist in ensuring all have a wonderful gazing experience – giving them an idea of what to expect and helping them begin to move into the Heartspace. Go to and put Quantum Gazing into the SEARCH field.
  2. Schedule to allow for people’s work schedules and take likely traffic delays into account
  3. Please do not allow children under twelve who might disturb the meditative silence of the gazing and spoil the experience for others.
  4. Make sure everyone has 3 or 4 specific written wishes / intentions for things they would like to change (e.g. health issues, relationships, etc.)
  5. Participants may bring photos of loved ones, neighbors, friends, pets, livestock and hold then against their chests during gazing. You may also bring photos of people who cannot attend in person due to being away in a nursing / retirement home, jail or prison facility, mental institution or armed forces location. (If you know the administrator of such a facility who would like to expose the residents to the peace and joy of the gazing experience, feel free to have them email us to info @ connieshaw . com to schedule a Skype gazing session with them.)
  6. After the gazing session there will be a 2-3 minute silent integration period for people to reflect on what they saw or felt (e.g. warmth, heart-opening, an “epiphany”)followed by the sharing of reports on their experiences.
  7. Feel free to video your side of the event if you wish.
  8. During the days and weeks afterwards, notice all the positive (even small and subtle) changes in your life.
  9. We encourage you to email reports of your good news, shifts and transformations to info @ connieshaw. com. Connie will read all emails, but does not respond to personal questions.
  10. The process works regardless of whether you see or feel something or don’t. The moment you see Connie’s face the process begins and “seeds of transformation are planted within the viewer.” Some, by their very natures / personalities and evolved perceptual gifts will see auras, feel tingling and hear Guidance. Others see and feel nothing but can have gradual yet profound positive changes.

We do Quantum Gazing to help to shift human consciousness as our small contribution to individual and world peace and transformation.


5 thoughts on “Just Back from a Quantum Gazing Session with Connie Shaw through Skype”

  1. Impressed with your daughter’s attitude. Hope you spend more time with your daughter instead of attending such sessions.

    Wish you a long happy life.

  2. Thanks Kris…as Swami Vivekananda asserted” All Power is within you.You can do anything and everything.Believe in that.”….it’s not that I am consciously and purposefully reaching out to people for healing or solace….but I am grateful to so many for their reaching out to me and praying for me…I believe in God and Divinity…am both religious and spiritual….and sensible too 🙂

  3. Anita Moorjani’s NDE is an engrossing story….thanks Hemant for the link…it’s amazing what she says that we can make the choice to change and root out from the energy levels the negatives and disease…will read her book in time

  4. Dear brother, I am interested in attending a Quantum Gazing session with my family in Mumbai. Whom should I contact?(by the way, I too am a Sai devotee.”

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