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Just in and out from Hyderabad….lovely airport…just a bit too far !

Flew Air India to Hyderabad Monday morning and Kingfisher back this morning…Kingfisher may have Rs 6000 crs debt and is leaking losses…yet it’s got a better fan following…well deserved

One small local Hyderabad tip…If you have someone picking you up at the new and delightful Rajiv Gandhi Airport then instruct them to come to the departure driveway…all you have to do is come out in Arrivals and take the modern see-through elevator up to the third floor departures…the reason is that Private Cars are not allowed to drive up directly to the Arrivals…they are required to park at a distance and arriving passengers have to walk a fair distance to their cars

The Airport itself is really a beautiful sprawling complex…The only issue is that it’s a fair distance from the City…over 30 kms…In fact I paid the City Cab,Rs 509 for exactly 41.4 kms to the airport this morning…It’s a very reliable air conditioned cab service and charges a minimum Rs 60 for the first 4 kms and then Rs 12 for every km…I did the journey in 45 minutes this morning as it was early at 4 am and roads were clear…but yesterday it took me an hour and a half to reach my destination from the Airport ! and the Sun was simply toying with the Car A/c !

Being early for my 6.05 am flight,I was able to enjoy the Airport Facilities….The Kingfisher  girl was grinning when I presented my PNR number and requested for the ticket printout required to access the airport..I sensed my name had been spelled wrong yet again ! Sigh ! It was ‘Parakh’ this time…..It’s been ‘Parekh’ (acceptable) and ‘Prick’ (clearly unacceptable!) in the past !

Right from the Check In Counter,through Security and the Shopping and into the Plane ,through the Aerobridge is a very smooth experience..As the Shopping is after you clear Security,remember to keep the Bills in the Shopping bag,or else you’ll need a cleared security stamped tag,like you do for your hand baggage….The Shopping and Restaurant Facilities are really very inviting…From Books to Music to Chocolates and Sweetmeats,from Branded Watches to a huge Samsonite range,from  Idlis and Vadas and Dosas to the rich aroma of Coffee Beans…It’s Self service at most counters and Rs 135 for a full  South Indian Breakfast that includes Filter Coffee…There’s also a Shower and Nap facility near  Domestic Gate 28…really ideal

No discounts though at the Bookshop…”Sir, it’s difficult to expect a discount at Airport shops” confessed the attendant…Yet I picked up some great books for the Family …..A Book on Guitar String Notes for Popular songs for my son,a CSI Computer Game for my thirteen year old daughter…should be apt as she’s been selected by a top US University for a three week ‘Forensic Science’  Module to be conducted this Summer at India’s leading Management Institute,two Sudoku Books from my addicted wife,as also one on Gems and Crystal Healing for her…for self,I found some great books like ‘Hundred Minds that Made the Market ‘ by Ken Fisher

Oh! and I nearly forgot !…There was Renuka Ramanath,who just resigned as Head of ICICI Ventures,on the flight to Hyderabad…don’t really know her personally…but like all co-passengers,now know personally she was ordering  some jewellery,she had previewed earlier, on her Mobile ! also know the colour !…she was hilariously loud…her laugh too !…all of the passengers now also know her private email !…just before take off she was on her mobile,yelling it out to the jeweller to send her some fresh quotes !…Is she always this Loud,mindless of all around her and that it was surely a private matter between her jeweller and her or was she putting on a show for all of us and trying to draw some attention?…On landing,she walked through the aerobridge and  even dropped her document folder…was reminded to pick up one document she had forgotten….State of Mind,perhaps !?…nearly asked her ,while awaiting for the Plane to be connected to the aero bridge on Landing, what was the mystery about her plans after her resignation…then thought it was her Private Matter and not really any of my concern !…Anyway, wish her all the best for the Future..she’s broken through a glass ceiling and this is no mean achievement.

Probably visiting Hyderabad again in June for delivering a Two day Financial & Stock Market Workshop…Client is to decide between Hyderabad,Vijaywada and Bengaluru         


1 thought on “Just in and out from Hyderabad….lovely airport…just a bit too far !”

  1. Hi Gaurav,
    As a Hyderabadi I felt happy reading your panegyric on the new airport-though there is an airport cess levied on passengers flying out-not that it matters for the high net worth individuals! These are the radio cabs plying between the city and the airport and they are well-maintained. The logan is ideally suited for this kind of service.Next time, make an allowance of time for a public meeting of sorts!

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