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Just Love our Just selected New International Symbol for our Indian Rupee!

I just love this New International Symbol chosen today for our Indian Rupee….A great choice by a Government Group of 5 from a shortlisted of 5 Symbols…It was submitted by IIT Post Graduate,D Udaya Kumar who joins IIT Guwahati as a faculty today

Brilliant Udaya !

It’s very Indian,yet got that stamp and authority of  International Status,Value and Power all over it…an amalgam of Devanagiri  ‘Ra’ and the Roman ‘R’ without the stem

D Udaya Kumar wins Rs 2.5 lakhs for winning the competition…the criteria set was that the Symbol should

  • be applicable to a standard keyboard
  • be in a national language script or a visual representation
  • represent the historical and cultural ethos of India 

Set it against the $ or the € or the £ or the ¥….our New Symbol for the Indian Rupee is the best !

…and yes,I’m being Patriotic !



2 thoughts on “Just Love our Just selected New International Symbol for our Indian Rupee!”

  1. Nothing to be proud in this stupid design.. It did not reflect the true culture and ethic of our multi lingual and multi cultured country.. Only those who use devanagari in their language script can boast of ‘Super design’.

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