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Kai Po Che ~ Overrated & Overhyped ~ if you have got to see it just do not expensively multiplex it

Kai Po Che ~ Overrated & Overhyped ~ if you have got to see it just do not expensively multiplex it  ~ any body know what the title connection is all about!? ~ just shows how tonnes of publicity money spend by leading Producer UTV with media support can create the hype that seduces the public to want to see this movie at the first instance! ~ how did these film critics give a  4 rating for this movie !

It’s about Three Young Men & Close Friends and their enterprising spirit wanting to start a Cricket Academy and a Sports Goods Business on their Own  ~ it’s about their strong bonding through thick and thin and Caste Cliches despite the often raging animosities that break out between them after their being influenced by the huge tragic events that unfolded in Gujarat ~ The Backdrop are the Tragedies at the beginning of the Gujarat Millenium ~ the Bhuj epicentred earthquake on Jan 26,2001 and the Riots in Feb 2002 that followed the deliberate burning of the two bogies of  the Sabarmati Express at Godhra resulting in the death of many kar sevaks returning from Ayodhya to Ahmedabad ~ the Director Abhishek Kapoor has crammed  the movie with just fleeting glimpses of these events without really bring any of them really alive ~ the screenplay based on the story of  Chetan Bhagat’s ‘Three Mistakes of My Life’ is pretty ordinary

‘Dil Chhata Hai’ and ‘Zindegi Ne Milegi Dobara’  are better movies on the Bonding of  Three Young Men ~ and I’m no urban snob !

What I will not argue against is the risk taking abilities of the Gujaratis and that a Gujarat Girl often does make the first flirty move ~ liked Amrita Puri in this role !

That’s My Experience & View too !

Cheers !


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