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Kangana Ranaut as Queen is Good…real Good

Kangana Ranaut

Saw ‘Queen’ last evening at Inox Nariman Point…enjoyed the Movie

…the Multiplex wore a deserted look on a late Friday evening…A Family Movie outing here for a few hours is worth a Full Petrol Tank which lasts a Week at least !…and don’t be lured by the ‘Refuel’  guys always thrusting all Veg Menus onto you….if you do,just stop at ordering what you really want and don’t be lured by the extra that they will ask you,like which sauce etc…they are extra and cost extra…..and always ask for the Bill and check it and the change ….or else you’re encouraging them to pocket the Monies…and do ask them,if they have not already, to give you the nice imported handy blue packets of ‘Tempo’ ~the hygenic hand tissues…they’re free !

However,this is not about ‘Tempo’ and the Expensive Food & Drinks at the Inox Screens…This is a quick review of ‘Queen’

Kangana Ranaut has excelled in the Lead Role as ‘Rani Mehra’  aka ‘Queen’...moving seamlessly from being Rani from Rajouri to introducing herself as  ‘Myself Queen”  in Europe

It’s a Bold Movie...wonder how it’s screened with a UA rather than A Certification…..or am I out of cue with this Generation…!? shows the darker,sleazy,spicy side of  the Lives that Young Women lead to fend for themselves and their Family…drink,being paid for sex,drugs,smoking and partying at night clubs are all a routine part of their lives….but no judgments or moral sermons in the movie …and that’s the best part

From a Planned Existence to a Liberated One…… Rani Mehra is jilted by Vijay Dhingra ~ a  stereotype possessive ,status conscious,arrogant and selfish Delhi  ‘Mom & Dad’s Boy’ played convincingly by Rajkummar Rao, just before their wedding…..he’s an Engineer in London and  follows her to Paris and Amsterdam after she sends him a mobile pic from Paris of her in a stunning dress….he wants her back….that’s a test of her liberated self….she even hugs him not once but twice in the end for jilting her and which opened out a whole new liberated world for her……she decides to go off for the planned  ‘Honeymoon’ on her own to Paris and Amsterdam…she has always dreamed of Foreign Lands….here she transforms into ‘Queen’ discovering the Existence and Life that Everyday People Live and Let Live and have Fun too….Strangers become  Friends who she accepts and they accept her in return for who they all really are….No Judgements….she discovers her liberated self and that Life is to be lived …influenced by, and I liked the wanton and liberated character that Lisa Haydon plays as, ‘Vijaylakshmi’…lives Life on her Terms…and is basically a good Human Being…The Character of Olexander too leaves a mark

But like it was Vidya Balan’s show all the way in ‘The Dirty Picture’ it’s Kangana Ranaut’s sterling show all the way in ‘Queen’ ...can’t think of any other beautiful actress who could have played ‘Queen’…the casting is spot on !…and to think Kangana refused ‘The Dirty Picture’ ! and Vidya stepped in ! 

She’s revealing her ‘Natural’ and Terrific Actress Self and should win a Few ‘Best Actress’ Awards this year for ‘Queen’…not that it matters as we all know most Awards are rigged…ask Aamir Khan and Ajay Devgan who don’t attend Award Functions….loved her recent interview too where she reveals that she is uncomfortable in the bollywood scene and does not really fit in…she’s middle class and happy with being so and that her parents now lead a more comfortable life because of her

Loved her in ‘Gangster’ and loved her cameo in ‘Fashion’….she’s a Natural  in ‘Queen’

If you’re wondering why I’ve tagged this Movie Review in Investing Approaches and Investing Themes…well wonder again and you’ll get it!


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