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Karan Johar…Baapu ! aaj toh sach bolo…Gandhi Jayanti hai !

It’s our Father of our Nation,Baapu’s Birthday today…Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti….He would have been 140 years old today

…and the news channels are broadcasting Karan Johar personally visting Raj Thackeray of the MNS to apologise for the use of the word ‘Bombay’ instead of ‘Mumbai’ in his new movie being released today ‘Wake up Sid’

I’m not going into the controversy of using the old name ‘Bombay’ instead of the rename ‘Mumbai’ and the political and social realities in Mumbai and Maharashtra……but was amused to hear Karan Johar claim that such a mistake was not deliberate and was an inadvertent mistake made by creative people….Come on Karan !…Wake Up Karan ! …you are a Mumbaikar and more so as a creative person,you are well aware of the sensitivity involved in such a controversy….the matter is even in the Supreme Court…..Karan,you have used the word ‘Bombay’ 10 to 12 times in a conversation in the film between Konkona Sen and Ranvir Kapoor !…yet you missed it !…..yeah ! I believe you !….what were you trying to do !?….be defiant,provocative or just seek some publicity and media mileage before the release of the movie !?

You have allowed Raj clearly to score some political mileage before the State assembly elections on October 13,2009….if he had not relented,your screenings would have stopped and you would have lost a few crores….obviously this seems to be the pressure under which you have apologised…you clearly took a chance and now you’re probably just being practical 

‘Koffee with Karan’….Nah ! what do you converse with a guy who melts as easily as the chocolate and cheese he gives out in his hamper on the show !

Karan Baapu ! aaj toh sach bolo ! Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti hai !….Galti hui hai aur woh bhi jaan booch ki !….Sach nahi bolna hai toh kum se kum jhoot toh mat bolo kay yeh jaan booch ki galti nahi hai !…you’d be then true to the name of your production house ‘Dharma Productions’…..and don’t worry,your co-producer,the listed UTV ,is not going to crash on Monday when the market reopens

Nothing personal Karan…professionally your ‘K’ movies have been entertaining….but right now you need a dose of  ‘Munnabhai’ Movies  


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