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Kyazoonga Website has crashed ! as mad rush for 5000 Test Match Tickets available online to the Public from 11 am today

Kyazoonga Website has crashed ! as mad rush for 5000 Test Tickets available online from 11 am today

Anybody can open this website ?~ says Server is Busy !

MCA has messed up yet again ~ expect a Black Market for the Tickets now ! just like the World Cup ODI in 2011 when Tickets prices reached past Rs One Lakh in the Open Market !

Don’t think this Price will be reached for a Test Match even if it’s Sachin’s Last !

5000 Tickets have gone online from 11 am this morning to the Public for the 200th and last Test Match of Sachin Tendulkar to be played at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai from November 14 to Nov 18,2013

Dont even Bother to try as Tickets would have been sold out in the first few seconds or even cornered perhaps !?

All the Best  Guys who are trying for a Ticket!


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