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Lalbaugcha Raja

Today Morning Nergis and myself were fortunate enough to be able to view Lalbaugcha Raja at Chowpatty (thanx to dear Niharika who alerted us at 5:00 am that His majesty had passed Prathna Samaj where she was at a friend’s).

We’d like to share a few photos we took amidst the huge and escatic sea of crowds surrounding the idol. You can click on any of the images below to see a larger view of the same:
 Lalbaugcha Raja Lalbaugcha Raja Lalbaugcha Raja
Lalbaugcha Raja  Lalbaugcha Raja  
 Lalbaugcha Raja  Lalbaugcha Raja  Lalbaugcha Raja
 Lalbaugcha Raja  Lalbaugcha Raja  Lalbaugcha Raja

And these are from across the sea from Marine Drive…. the idol is outlined in red for easy identification…

 Lalbaugcha Raja Lalbaugcha Raja   Lalbaugcha Raja


Some other beautiful Ganesh idols that we were able to view are here below. The first three are of our home idol which has been in our house for years:



Ganpati Bappa Moriya !! Puncha Varshi Laukarya !!!
May Lord Ganesh bring joy and happiness in all your lives


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