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Larsen & Toubro brilliantly positioned to Lead India into the next level of Dynamic Growth…but who will Lead Larsen itself after Mr Naik !?

We all Love Larsen & Toubro and have capitalised superbly on it’s brilliant run on the bourses in the past years…and with India positioned to emerge as a World Economic Superpower in the years to come,Larsen has it’s best Days up ahead !…It simply has to occupy significant space in your Core Portfolio

Larsen is positioned to Lead India into the next Level of Dynamic Growth in the Years ahead….but who will Lead Larsen itself after Mr Naik !?

This Larsen Leadership Heir Question has been asked before…a latest take on this is by Forbes India…it’s  gives an elaborate take on this in their March 5,2010 Issue…you can access the article on the web too

The article refers to GE and Siemens capturing the opportunities in USA and Europe in the past decades to make them behemoths…Larsen is on a similar threshold in India…and interestingly,GE and Siemens are looking towards India as their Saviour on the back of the Global Financial and Economic Crisis epicentered in the West !

My take on this Larsen Leadership Heir is a little ‘hatke’….It does not really matter who really leads Larsen after Mr Naik…The Momentum is so strong for the next level of Dynamic Growth in the years ahead,that Larsen will move ahead regardless who’s heading it, and continue to scale up and  capture and leverage the giant opportunities that are arising……something like our FM’s Position…does not really matter who’s our FM….India is on a long term Dynamic growth path ahead…Infrastructure and Domestic Consuption being the Two major Drivers…..the Momentum itself will drive our Economy

Extrapolate this to our Stock Markets…anyone who Invests in Equity will make good and even great Money over the Years to Come…..and Larsen & Toubro must be your Core Investment for the Long Term !



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