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Last week Hit by a Virus from an Anti Virus Software Seller !

Just learnt a big lesson…..always ensure your laptop is protected from a Virus attack by having a strong branded Anti Virus and Internet security Software installed and ensure timely renewals

This week I had the damn misfortune of suddenly seeing my laptop taken over by a criminal selling gimmick and ploy of an Anti Virus Software Seller In India….It disabled my task manager…took over by screen and kept up popping with crash screen and windows security screens look alikes and warnings that there was spyware,malware and trojan virus on my laptop….it automatically scanned my machine and stated that there were over 3000 virus on it!…..Even if i closed such messages it actually directed me to  a site where this software was available at Rs 999…no name just Anti Virus 2008…no address,no contact numbers…you pay by credit card and if you took the trouble(most dont) to click on Terms you’ll find yourself agreeing to a monthly charge of Rs 199 and a one time charge of Rs 600+….another site it took me was related and was called antispyder software……total bullshit…got a good mind to report these sobs……I had to go online to a reputed Anti Virus Brand and they did a courtesy check for me…showing that my C Drive was infected with 27 virus….many of them low risk Adware but some more serious like a hack kit…..scared me as just recently in the Bombings at Ahmedabad the computer of an American staying at New Vashi,Mumbai was shown as being used to send an email just five minutes before the blasts claiming the blasts….I may just have to reformat my drive even though the wallpaper warning has gone..the laptop goes into a blue shutdown mode warning of an error…this actually is a false screen as I just press escape to go back to my work screens……even the Branded Anti Virus Software is having trouble being installed……though the process has scared away these Sobs….just be careful and install a good reputed Brand  of Anti Virus that has online help and support and a strong technology and software domain expertise…these guys will save you a  lot of sweat…worth the Rs 3000 to Rs 4500 you pay annually for this protection

I’ve just been painfully reminded that ‘Prevention is better then Cure’         


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