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Lazing on the First Sunday in March…………..with a self made lively salad!…and thoughts on the MF Husain Interview and Reality Shows

It’s been a lazy and spacey Sunday so far……after a hectic and lively week

Wife’s away ‘maike’  for a few days to be with her father…he’s recovering from a minor surgery…..daughter’s on a Football and Facebook roll….Son’s away strumming his Electric Guitar with his new band ‘PitchBlack’  actually performing his own composition ‘Stars’ at the Finals of a Rock band Competition in the Mumbai suburbs

…..Being too Hot ,decided to have some Salad for Lunch…..and managed to conjure up a lively one…. Crunchy Cauliflower florets pulled out of boiling water before they become tender,diced cabbage,carrots,cucumber,tomatoes,button mushrooms,corn,grated cheese,sliced green and black olives…a hint of fresh coriander,lemon flavoured Pepper,a squeeze of Lemon,soya and vinegar dressing…all turned around for a minute in two spoons of extra virgin Olive Oil…had it warm…and left some to have it chilled a little later on….Loved it….so did my Daughter…but then she had said ‘Awesome’ even before she had had it!  

…yet to have a bath….watched NatGeo and a Zebra chasing a Cheetah…and a Hyena actually battling a Lioness over a a Leopard’s kill…yes you read it right!…Special Amazing Incredible Footage….Just reflecting that these addicted Techno Freaks out there need to remember that Apple and Blackberry are just Fruits !….Get back to Nature guys!…atleast on TV!

….and It’s going to be a Bollywood Night and a Hollywood Morning!….Viewing right now the Recorded Coverage of a Leading Bollywood Awards Show….primarily want to catch the comedy capers by the compering superstars duet of SRK and SAK…not really impressed so far with them and it’s nearly 9.30 pm,one and a half hour into the show…seems a show by stars,of stars and only for the stars….we,public are idiots and must lap up the comperes idiocy !

…and early morning 6.30 am IST planning to view the Hollywood Oscars Live with high expectations from another compering superstars duet of Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin

Cheers !


  •  …..Also caught the M F Husain Interview on NDTV 24*7 after he gave up Indian Citizenship to take a Qatari one…I was increasingly getting disillusioned with his rather ‘glib’ answers…Mr Husain,you’re a Living Legend of  a Painter, and ‘Citizenship is just a mere piece of paper !’ for you maybe…but not for me !…Methinks giving the Interview was a bad idea !…..and to move from a Democratic India with a rich cultural heritage of unfettered ,yet responsible ,Creativity to an Islamic Country brings into question the real Intent !… claim it’s purely for financial and tax reasons and you’re above physicality…Really!?….and I’m appalled at the gaul of known sychopants like Mani Shankar Aiyer to suggest India should send an Envoy and fall at Husain’s feet and beg for him to return and gaurantee him full security and total creative freedom…as ‘Art of Living’ Founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar echoed what’s on the minds of most Indians “It’s the Intent that’s in question…..Would there be the same Spirit when it comes to painting heroes of his religion”?…and Religion remains a core and sensitive issue in every country on this planet…be it Hinduism,Islam or Christianity or any other….Creativity must respect Religious sentiments…nothwitstanding that Hypocracy and Double Standards will also co exist     
  • …..Also caught the relevant debate on ‘Reality Shows’ on TV on Times Now…I strongly feel such shows like ‘Emotional Atyachar’ and Splitsville’ simply create angst,frustration,depression and humiliation in the guise of being engaging and entertaining…and destroys the process of creating core value systems in our young people and children…As one participant bluntly put it “If your not Famous,you have no Value”….Money is the Seducing Motivator and also the Meter to judge Success and Fame….people bare their souls and selves …and mouth….just for the moolah…Sad…even sadder when they realize such Fame is simply Fleeting in nature


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