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Love the way Small Stock Advisor,Nancy Zambell, puts into sharp perspective the American Banking Crisis !

Simply Loved the way,Low Cap and Micro Cap Stock Advisor,Nancy Zambell puts the American Banking Crisis into sharp perspective…Her way to wealth is ,what she calls ‘Gumshoe Investing’,where she promises to grow your wealth in Stocks ” Buried under US $ 10″ …She’s of the view that the Dow may take Ten years to double from here,but her small stocks will double in quick time !

Here’s her sharp view of the American Banking Crisis

Crooked Bankers are giving Crooked Regulators advice on what to do with Crooked Assets.

Do you honestly believe that the result will be

a ) not crooked ?

b ) crooked ?

Bad Money will drive out the good…The very people who got us into the mess promise they’ll figure out a way to get us out

If you don’t exercise the law,there’s another word that comes to mind.Cover-up

Hey ! Nancy….Flyover to India…you’ll find a rich hunting ground for both,Penny stocks and Cover-ups !….we’ve got over 6000 scrips listed on BSE 


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