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Mad Martinis & Muah hors d oeuvres & Mad Stand-up Comedy ~ a heady Mad Mix with friends at ITC Grand Central Ballroom

Mad Martinis & ‘Muah’ hors d’oeuvres & Mad Stand-up Comedy ~ a heady Mad Mix with Mad friends at ITC Grand Central Ballroom last evening ~ the Martinis & hors d’oeuvres were better !…Litchi the best of all from Coffee,Chocolate,Green Tea,Orange and other flavours with some dexterious mixing by Saurabh the bartender

We were Invitees and probably, at 50 years,the youngest in the audience! ~ an event of the Celebrity Cruises who probably have a target audience of Retired 65+ for their Worldwide Cruises  and thought we must fit in !

Most of them did not know what hit them as the three Stand-up Acts bombarded their senses with Profanities(the F Word was the norm) and outlandish, sexist, racist,religious and even offensive humour…and believe me ,I’m not a prude!

The First Stand-up Act,Daniel Fernandes from Goa..with his Goan Ghost Stories and poking fun at Gujjus and how they descend Five Million at a Time into Goa through Janardhan Travels Bus Services from Morning 8.30 am to evening 8.30 pm ~ the women so excited that they are draped in their swimwear for the Goan beaches in the Bus itself! it’s called a nine yard Saree! ~ and they roll at the waters edge  leaving with 5 kgs of sand all over them ~that’s why Candolim Beach has no Sand now !

The Second Stand-up Act ,Azeem Banatwala…they created Idd only so that Salman Khan could release his Movies at the time !…like ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ or ‘Doh thay Bucks’ or ‘Char Aayeh Gaadi kay Neeche !’

The last Act,Vasu Primlani…with her accent and who loves Mumbai audiences because our standards are lower !…she’s Gay,she says,because her mother told her, when she was just 10, to stay away from boys !

The Martinis were definitely better !


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