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Man is a lustful animal that seizes an opportunity to rape ! ~ pained that we have become a Nation of such Animals !

Which is more barbaric !?

A Medical girl Student horrendously raped  by a gang of me and seriously molested and injured in a moving Delhi Bus and the thrown out to die on the Streets ~ and who is battling for her life in a hospital now !?  


Severe deterrent punishment like beheading or cutting of an arm meted out to criminals in Saudi Arabia !?

You tell me !

Man is a lustful animal that seizes an opportunity to rape ! ~ pained that we have become a Nation of such Animals !

A op-ed column in The Hindu attempts to go to the root to reason why a man Rapes !

Can understand the thinking thread of  the columnist Ratna Kapur who is the Global Professor of Law, Jindal Global Law School, NCR ~but in my educated view,Man does not rape because he feels threatened by the evolution of the Woman in the Workplace or that he has been indoctrinated by Parents that he has a superior or privileged existence as a son ! ~ he rapes because he’s an animal that lusts and seizes an opportunity !

….and how can a Woman be blamed for her own rape !?

Can you imagine this defense of the Rapists !

” I/we  raped her because she was provocatively dressed or/and is a woman of loose character !”

” Women have no right to enter the Bastion of Men in the Workplace and should therefore be put in their place when they do so and therefore I/We raped her !”  

Come On Indian Men  ! Grow Up ! Get Educated ! Show some Respect ! ~ you were born of a Mother ! may have a sister and a daughter ! ~ do you look at them or treat them the same animal way ! ~and yes ! I am acutely aware of the generic slang for such ~ both the desi and the english versions ! ~ but they don’t mean a thing and are just generic curses that easily roll out even in the smallest instance of road rage !

Good Upbringing,Good Education and Good Deterrent Punishment is the cleansing roadmap ~ and it begins with cleansing our own mindsets first before we reach out to others

Or are we heading,some cynics say we already are, for  when all women will look at men as potential rapists ! unless we prove ourselves otherwise !

Praying sincerely for the Delhi Rape Victim to survive……



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