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Marathon Saturday Funda Equity Mumbai Workshop






Bulls on & around the Table !…Yup! don’t miss the NYSE Dow & BSE Sensex Bulls on the Table !

Wow! What an engaging Marathon Saturday it was in Mumbai at the Fundamental Equity Value Vs Price Workshop….began at 9.30 am & if the participants had insisted would have also arranged dinner !…am told the raw film is 9 & a half hours !

They rocked!…A great Mix…very intelligent & interactive from novices to veterans of the market….from leading FPIs & Broking Houses & Small & Big Industry to retail investors & even the midcap content contributor to a leading stock portal that’s also a part of a leading stock channel group who presented a case study of his latest idea…they came from Gokak & Dubai & Hyderabad & Cochin & Pune & from across Mumbai…a young yoga guru who we thought had gone into a trance but was actually meditating a stock idea !…and of course our fourth consecutive workshop attendee who we presented with a special memento for this ongoing record !

The sentiments they expressed & which poured in as below post the workshop can easily go to my head !…fortunately God’s blessed me with more heart !  🙂

“Powerful seminar. Valuable talk. Thank you”
“Truly enjoyed… and seeked everything for which I have came… and God bless me to apply  it gainfully 😊”
“Leo’s are known to be great hosts, you are one 👍🏼🙏🏼. All the arrangements were perfect. Please convey our regards to the entire team.”
 “Thank you sir for your knowledge sharing in a very structured manner with us!”
“Sir completely blown by away by amount of knowledge you have .. You really have changed the way at I used to look at market …Thank you for all the ideas n great experience that you have given which I will carry forward …Looking forward to your next workshop n any other venture”
 “Thanks for the great session”
 “Sir, it was a wonderful session, lot of learnings. God bless 🙏🙌😇”

We covered Exercises in Practical Compounding & how to approach Markets seeking at least 20% CAGR in Equity over the coming few years & when to adopt Tactical Strategies & when to leverage through Options using JP Associates as an illustration

The 20 questions(The Workshop Theme was after all 20-20 & 2020 🙂 ) Corporate Tambola began with a quick prize winner…she won ‘Jaldi 3’ with just the first three questions !…but then ‘Full House’ went down to the wire…Sample some of the questions posed  & participants got them to win Chocolates ! Can you?:

“The MD is N Bhuvaneswari,the wife of the current CM of Andhra Pradesh,Mr Chandrababu Naidu & the daughter of late Mr NT Rama Rao the founder of the Telugu Desam Political Party.The Market Cap is under Rs 3000 crs & has been wooed for acquisition by leading MNCs.Name the Company”

“A noble flower in the Swiss Alps getting nobler on BSE & NSE & a classic song from the classic Julie Andrews starrer ‘Sound of Music’”

“Henkel re-entering India through this Company?”   

💡 A thought provoking question posed by a participant ” With falling Interest rates can we shift allocation from Fixed Deposits to Index Investing ?….Nifty 50 has recorded a CAGR of just over 11% from inception 1995 till date while the Sensex has scored a 16% CAGR from base in 1978 but just as much as Nifty in shorter periods…if precedence has to be considered they offer potential of better Returns going forward than FD with arguably not much compromise in risk & that too tax free as of now…that’s another cushion…Worth a thought for at least when pitching against 5 to 10 year FDs & Bonds

Case Studies over Companies & Several Sectors covering Earnings & Assets & Market Cap Valuation Basis & inflection points was the focus & what should one do to avoid Confirmation  & Anchoring Bias & how to interpret Corporate Governance Issues & often take advantage of these like Essar Oil who wanted to delist at a cheap Rs 108 floor price but was thwarted and finally over a year later got delisted at Rs 262…all the while sticking to one’s risk profile…like Subex is not everyone’s cup of tea !…& debated as to why should it be as the numbers simply don’t add up !

How Markets are being driven up by Liquidity for the first time in recent years by huge Fund Inflows from both FPIs & DIIs in tandem for previous scenarios had seen divergence in that when one sold the other bought

Interestingly on a Monday which saw the Nifty & Sensex close lower than Friday at 10057 & 32274,more than 10 ideas debated at the workshop saw significant gains…Midcaps run continues fairly unabated…red flags were discussed as well as why one should not really be concerned over Sensex & Nifty movements but concentrate on select companies & sectors for serious wealth creation

Serious Wealth Creation through Direct Equity is a longer term process requiring right fundamental selections & the conviction & temperament to back them with strong portfolio weightage & resisting the urge to trade them …like Picasso exclaimed when asked how long it took for his masterpiece ” it did not take me three minutes,it took me a lifetime”

…& how does one make the right selections!?

Ah! Come attend my next workshop to get acquainted with the four way process of testing promoter & management pedigree,assessing the business model,evaluating financials to finally arrive at a Valuation 😆








2 thoughts on “Marathon Saturday Funda Equity Mumbai Workshop”

  1. Looks wonderfull. When the next such seminar ?
    Are you planning any time in gujarat ahmedabad or surat. Pl let me know. Highly interested to attend it.
    Pankaj shah


    WOW !!! what a marathon saturday it was ~ From Corporate Tambola to Mind Gum on Time Value of Money ~ Playing CAGR exercises on new stock ideas like at what price u have to buy a stock to give a CAGR of 20% over a period of 5 years ~ How to adopt unique strategies on derivative option trading ~ Extra Gyan on where the oil price will stabilise ( even though there are many rumours ) ~ Different participants view on the sensex target ~ Superb presentation made by Jitendra Gupta of on a stock idea ( a very well known financial columnist who does exclusive research in mid cap stocks ) ~ so nice of u
    …had a great time …
    Along with this mind boggling ideas and thoughts, I received a special memento, a memory which I will cherish for lifetime !!!
    Thank You Sir for again giving a wonderful marathon saturday.

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