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Markets follow world lead and open strong in India as Greece & Europe get a strong Breather at a huge Price though…Caution continues to Stock Punters…Don’t Play Poker Blind !

On Global cues Sensex too opened up by over 3% and  600 points,but has now retreated a bit to 17771 as Greece & Europe get a strong Breather at a huge Price though

After several months of High Anxiety and a final night of High Debate,Greece finally got a significant bailout…Lenders agreed to take a 50% haircut on existing Bonds and convert the same to new loans at preferential rates…Greece will be handed  a Hundred Billion Euros as the New Year begins but will have to agree to huge austerity measures to bring down the Debt from the current 180% of GDP to 120% by 2020….It’s not going to be easy for Greece….it’s people have been resorting to violent protests in recent months…these may intensify

Just one simple advice for those punting in Stocks,Currencies and Commodities….don’t play Poker Blind !  


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