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May Day indeed for those wedded to Convention & Tradition

May Day indeed for all those wedded to Convention & Tradition !

Perhaps someone trained and educated well in the Evolution in Social Behaviour can opine on this…..

…Different Outlooks & Outcomes on Love & Relationships

….Media Reports

….YoungGen Bollywood Ranbir & Katrina are planning their Live-in Lovepad…no marriage so no divorce which arguably to many is the future tense of marriage !

….& MidGen Hritik & Suzanne have filed for an amicable Divorce after Separating in December 2013

……& OldGen Congress Veteran Digvijay Singh who lost his wife last year and DD Rajya Sabha TV Anchor Amrita Rai are in a relationship and plan to tie the knot once the latter gets her Divorce

…what happened to the good old fashioned and enduring love and Silver & Golden Anniversaries that were a given !

…and I have posted this in even the Derivatives Strategies ,Insider Trading,Investing Approaches,Investing Themes,Investor Mistakes and even SEBI !…Imagine having a Regulator for Relationships !… What an Idea ! Nah ! Not in our Indian Democracy !


1 thought on “May Day indeed for those wedded to Convention & Tradition”

  1. Today both gender require relationship along with freedom , no one likes to be tied down to find a real good life partner is a far fetched dream …..its better to work and have a career for a woman today then the old fashioned housewife.
    Today a man would also want his freedom in having a drink with his bachelor group then stick with his wife . to balance both and have an understanding partner is far fetched for many . I agree in india to have a live in relationship is going to take long for the society to approve except in south mumbai. There are so many unhappy married couples who are still stuck with each other because of what society says !! most of us indians are judgemental and pry into what others do to critisize rather than look into our lives and be aware to are we happy?

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