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MCA claims Shah Rukh Khan behaved like a ‘Don’ in Real Life at Wankhede Stadium and has proposed to ban him for Life from it !

Who do we Believe !…Shah Rukh Khan’s Version of what unfolded at Wankhede Stadium last night or that of the Mumbai Cricket Association ( MCA) Officials

Yesterday,Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders won their game against Mumbai Indians in a crucial IPL match as we move to decide the four teams that will enter the  playoffs

….but Shah Rukh Khan was not there during the Match…he came in later…and is claimed he behaved like a ‘Don’ in real life !

MCA Version

Shah Rukh Khan tried to enter the Ground with his bodyguards and even an entourage of children after the floodlights had been shut off…and that was when the trouble started…a security guard refused him entry and he began abusing him…the abuse soon extended to MCA and even BCCI Officials who were not even present…even Cabinet Minister,Vilasrao Deshmukh was not spared…before all of this he even abused a Mumbai India Girl Supporter for supporting the Mumbai Indians when she had approached him for an autograph

…he was drunk….”Who the hell are you…..I’ll see who evicts me from here….This is my city…..who is your boss….I’ll bury him right here !”…are some of his boasts as related by MCA Treasurer Ravi Sawant and Spokesman Nitin Dalal who smelled that he was drunk ….MCA has filed a Police Complaint with the Marine Drive Police Station for verbal abuse,threatening and even assault….A Police Chief of ACP Rank had escorted Shah Rukh Khan away from the stadium last night while he continued to be abusive…why did they not test him for alcohol,at the time or later when the complaint was filed in the night

Shah Rukh Khan’s Version

…and Shah Rukh Khan’s has just stated his  Defence and Version of what unfolded last night …briefing the media from his residence ‘Mannat’….says he was not Drunk…I only drink socially…. the Officials were High Handed and with a High Attitude…the Security physically manhandled little girls,who are not even thirteen in the name of security…they should apologise to me….one short official wearing spectacles was abusive and as I rushed to him he hid behind the other officials…the security guard had come at me aggressively uttering in Marathi that which cannot be repeated …I was not abusive to any girl as has been reported…I did not want to be on the field… I just wanted to pick my children and their friends…I ran on to the ground to tell the Security not to touch the girls in the group in the guise of security…yes I got angry because of what they were saying and I was alone and they were 20 to 25 MCA and IPL Officials ….they were aggressive and abusive…and I too was abusive in retaliation…Let them decide to ban me from Wankhede…personally I would not like to go  myself if this is their behaviour…I’m extremely disturbed the way they manhandled children and touched little girls in the name of security…this is unpardonable…I should write a complaint on their behaviour and the language what the spoke…If they have filed a Legal & Police Complaint my lawyers will handle this


….that ShahRukh Khan is being targeted for his celebrity status….it is only human to respond like he did when provoked,especially where Children are concerned…I too would have done so….I’m with him on this completely as I’m inclined to believe him…he came across as credible….no sign of him lying…and he was not acting ! despite him being a brilliant actor

MCA ,like any other State Cricket Body,has been a cauldron of Political machinations and a Powerhouse of  many a controversy itself…a recent example being the claim of unsold tickets in last years World Cup Final…..!a law onto themselves,the shameless  arrogance and high handedness has to be seen to be believed…BCCI has errected it’s HQ in the compound of  MCA’s Wankhede Stadium on D Road on Marine Drive…MCA and Garware Club House which also is in the same area had been at loggerheads with each other  for years until a few years ago when common influence and control began to be dominant ….Club Members were earlier told Tennis Courts would come up in this area…..instead we have BCCI HQ and the Club has lost some of it’s parking area too…..the nearest Police Station is Marine Drive…and we all know the clout MCA and BCCI wield here too…remember the ex BCCI President Dalmiya Episode …how the current BCCI Powerhouse went gunning for him

So I for one am inclined to side with Shah Rukh Khan on this one….High Time MCA Office bearers are shown their place and their high handedness exposed

The Powerful Media needs to be fair here in their coverage

This Year’s IPL has strong action on the field and off it too !


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