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MCX-SX launched the Equity & Derivatives Segment today with 700 members and 1116 Listed Stocks and their SX 40 Index

MCX-SX launched their Equity & Derivatives Segment today with 700 members and 1116 Listed Stocks and their SX 40 Index

The Launch Equity & Derivatives Segment of  MCX-SX ~India’s Newest Stock Exchange

Just returned from the launch of the Equity & Derivatives Segment of  MCX-SX,India’s New Stock Exchange at Hotel Trident in Mumbai ~ packed Regal Room and live launch functions in four cities beamed on the screens as were also the Live Proccedings

Met up with many,including Joseph Massey the MD and CEO of MCX-SX and Dr Bandi Prasad,President of FTKMC the knowledge arm of MCX, in our Capital Markets

Met two ex BSE CEOs but did not see any from the current top management of  BSE and NSE ! ~ MCX-SX is now their competitor ~Even the Invite Cover ,if you observe above, does not show BSE with a history of 138 years or NSE with a history of 20 years !  

A 5 Minute AV was shown highlighting  moments of Capital Market History and MCX-SX ~ A few  Short Speeches later  Finance Minister, P Chidambaram rang the Gong @ 4.15 pm to launch the Equity & Derivatives Segment of MCX -SX  and also launced the New SX 40 Index and even punched in a symbolic Trade ~ quite ironically it was a Derivatives Trade and he had just sounded an alarm in his speech of how concerned he is of the high level of Non Delivery Trades !

MCX-SX begins Trading on Monday

SX 40 ~ The Index of India 

The SX 40 is tagged as the Index of India by MCX-SX~ It is a free float based index with a starting base of 10000 as on March 31,2010.It has 40 top large cap Consitituents ~ all the 30 of the BSE Sensex except for the two S’s ,State Bank of India and Sterlite ! ~ Although  Wonder Why these have been excluded though it should meet their stated criteria of positive networth,free float of at least 105 and within top 100 liquid companies~ they also have  Industry capping at 20%( +/-) 2% band  ~ and with HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank the current weightage is already 22% for Financials (it’s 29.4% for Nifty and 26.4% for Sensex) and thus State Bank could not be accommodated ~ or probably not in the 1116 Companies that are listed and will begin trading on Monday ! ~ we’ll know Monday!

Interestingly SX 40 has Zee Entertainment as a constituent which neither the Nifty nor the Sensex has got !

Some noteworthy speech bytes…..largely verbatim but definitely in context

Ashok Jha ~ Chairman MCX-SX

“I am often asked why another Exchange when two already exist!? and my simple answer to that is because Competition benefits the Consumer” 

Jignesh Shah ~ Vice Chairman MCX-SX

” Today is a very auspicious day to launch the MCX-SX ~ It is a very holy day in the Maha Kumbh Mela and also from tomorrow the Chinese launch their New Year” 

“India has never given enough respect to Capital Markets as they have to the Banking and Insurance Industries”

” No Finance Minister of any country at anytime has respected Capital markets and launched several Initiatives to boost it like our FM Mr P Chidambaram has done!”

“Corporate Bonds Market Capitalisation is just 6% of GDP while even in a country like Malaysia it is 57%”

” Launched MCX-SX because when observing the existing two Exchanges there was simply no Competition from one of them”

” For Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy,MCX has tied up with IGNOU for  a MBA in Financial Markets Post Graduate Diploma Programme and offered across hundreds of Universities and Colleges in 27 States” 

U K Sinha ~ Chairman,SEBI

” There are 21 Registered Exchanges of  17 have not traded for the past 5 years,in fact 13 of them for the last 10 Years !”

” My serious advice to Stock Exchanges is that when you have to choose between Maximisation of  Profit and Risk Mitigation,please choose Risk Mitigation.You are the First Stage Regulator before us”

P Chidambaram ~ Finance Minister of India

” If the Stock Exchange hires two Nerds,SEBI should hire three Nerds !”

” To Bring back Retail Investors keep the Products simple,demystify operations and inject trust back “

“There are many malpractices ~ few are spotted~ but virtually none are punished”

“Worried about Insider Trading and the High Level of Non Delivery or Speculative Trade ~ we must do something to increase the level of Delivery Trade”  

“Aware that Option Trading has shifted Overseas and we shall bring it back”

“GDP will be 5.5% and only among the large countries,Phillipines,Indonesia and China have a higher rate ~ yet this is not enough and we must bring it back to 8% and Government is taking measures to do so”

” In my recent visit overseas to Hong Kong,Singapore,Frankfurt and London I found the Foreigners are more confident of India than we Indians ! ~ FIIs are investing heavily even though DIIs are selling !~ We must have more belief in ourselves!”



4 thoughts on “MCX-SX launched the Equity & Derivatives Segment today with 700 members and 1116 Listed Stocks and their SX 40 Index”

  1. Sir,

    You shld have also included FM’s view on KYC for Gold buying:))

    Gold have withstood the test of time for thousands of yers and paer is having confidence problem in few decades itself………..the problem lies in rupee not in gold and he shld fix that.

    1. Hi Anurag…covered only what I heard FM say at the MCX-SX Equity & Derivatives Segment Launch ~ don’t recollect he mentioned Gold in his speech

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