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Mercator @ Rs 11.40 & Tata Sponge Iron @ Rs 280~Both at near 52 Week Lows

Mercator @ Rs 11.40  & Tata Sponge Iron @ Rs 280~Both are at near 52 Week Lows 

Mercator’s Tagline is ‘Renewed Spirit ~ Sustained Commitment’ ~ Really !?

Tata Sponge Iron’s Tagline is a muted dignified ‘Inner Resilience’ ~ Indeed!

Check out SCRIP WATCH Module coverage of these two posted today on my company website  and linked below


5 thoughts on “Mercator @ Rs 11.40 & Tata Sponge Iron @ Rs 280~Both at near 52 Week Lows”

    1. Gaurav Parikh

      Hi Chinmay,
      In March 2011,a little over two years ago I had posted an extensive and detailed blog on Alok Industries in response to a blog reader’s request Check it out here ~ You can locate it also by using the Search Engine on my blog
      At the time it was Rs 21 and the blog reader was worried as he had bought it at Rs 32 ~I was simply not convinced even then ~ It’s now sunk to Rs 7!
      Read the responses too on this post
      The Promoters Jiwrajkas mindset was to survive and reward themselves caring two hoots for minority shareholders ~ Would advice you to stay away from such Mindsets ~ Their shareholders have already got burnt badly

  1. Dear Sir,

    SCI is at multi year low,and election result will also be neutral on that.if you have any views please share


    1. Gaurav Parikh

      Yes Anurag,SCI is at Rs 34 down from the Public Offer at Rs 135-140 range in 2010 when Government let go 10% Equity and the Company issued fresh 10% too ~ Can it go even lower !? ~ The Shipping Ministry and a Parliamentary Standing Committee has come out with scathing reports on SCI this year ~ warning it may go the way of Air India with Debt now @ Rs 9000 crs and unwise new ship acquisitions and even pending orders given that globally Shipping is not doing well on the Global Economy slowing down ~ Professional Mismanagement,Inordinate Delays in Ordering Stores,No returns from the jv for chemical tanker operations ~ FIIs are wise and don’t really have SCI in their Portfolios ~ just under 1.5% of Equity ~ but DIIs with over 19% stake supporting the Government which holds 63.75%

      Shipping is unlikely to recover in the next two years ~ in fact we are doing a detailed study on PSUs which will cover SCI too to reveal government’s doublespeak and dishonesty to further their Disinvestment Plans

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