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Mom & Dad ~ Miss you everyday…

Mothers Day Today ~ Mom & Dad ~ Miss you everyday…

Reliving Memories of both of you and  writing this Blog while listening to a Live Recording of the Jain Stutis and Stavans sung at the Prayer Meeting in 2007 on Mom’s sad and sudden demice ~ getting soft on the rendition of  “Maa Baap nay bhulshow nahin” 

Mom & Dad Blessing Me on launching Scriptech in 1990

In  1990 , at Age 28 and two years into marriage with a One Year old Son too,  my Wife and I turned Entrepreneurs setting up Scriptech in Mumbai to offer Equity Advisory and Training in Indian Capital Markets ~ today’s avtaar is

The Driving Force was my Parents Unconditional Love & Blessings & Support ~ as Inspirational Now as it was Then

Dad passed away in 1998 and Mom in 2007 leaving a Lighthouse Legacy of  Illuminating Values that continue to be an unwavering and strong beacon as we navigate Life’s Challenging Waters…..

In 2006,I was Invited to St Xaviers College,Mumbai  to Inaugurate the Entrepreneur Week and give the Key Address to the Management Students ~When I Spoke about the Wonderful People who Continue To Inspire Me this is what I conveyed about My Mom & Dad…….

My Mother….

  1. Never Say “Never’
  2. You want to?…Money will Come.. Don’t worry
  3. Fiercely Protective of Family
  4. Integrity is her Core
  5. Supported family when dad was critically ill
  6. Deeply Religious
  7. Charitable
  8. Fast & Decisive Action

My Father…

  1. Content with Life …Simple Pleasures & Dignified Life
  2. Quiet…His Silence was Golden
  3. Honesty in both Personal & Professional Life
  4. Non-judgemental….People just Loved Him for this
  5. Great Listener…..He was our shoulder to Cry on
  6. Patriot…Joined fledgling Indian Oil Corp in early 1960s leaving a more cushy Job with a Foreign Oil Company…loyal to IOC
  7. Loved Family Dearly….A wonderful Pillar & Provider



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