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Mumbai is 40 !…Ahmedabad,Hyderabad and New Delhi are 45 !…and my wife is 100!

Oof ! this Heat can be unbearable !….and with the Humidity ,can be simply devastating….saps energy levels even in inertia…actually leads to inertia!

Mumbai is sweltering and touching 40 degrees….but’s its 45 + in other cities like Ahmedabad,Hyderabad and New Delhi…one is bound to get the ‘lu’ if out in the Sun too long…even the airconditioning is not effective in Hyderabad…the House Walls emit Heat and the A/c actually loses out the battle with this !…..a Cooler is more effective 

…and my wife is 100 !…that’s because I jokingly told her,while discussing Mumbai at 40, the other day that my notion of a Woman who is 40,is that a Man should be able to exchange her,like a Bank Note,for two 20s !

Cheers !


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