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Mumbai & Maharashtra’s Shiv Sena Tiger & Supremo Balasaheb Thackeray roars his last breath…..Believe me ! Mumbai shall miss him !

BALASAHEB THACKERAY ~ When Alive he could shut down Mumbai at will  ~ Fear was the Key ! ~ now when he’s just passed away at 86 he has done so ! ~ and would you believe Emotion is the Key !

India’s Financial Capital and Mega City Mumbai closed quickly yesterday evening and is shut this Sunday and may be shut till Tuesday ! Taxis and Autos are off the Roads but Trains are working and the BEST has introduced extra Buses

Mumbai & Maharashtra’s Shiv Sena Tiger & Supremo Bal Thackeray roared his last breath….. His Doctor made an announcement at the Residence Matoshree at 5 pm yesterday that he breathed his last at @ 3.30 pm !

This Morning the Funeral Procession began at 9 am from Residence Matoshree and it’s approaching  2 pm and it yet has to reach Shivaji Park , where he shall be cremated late evening,via Sena Bhavan at Dadar

It’s Historic ! Mumbai has never seen such a Funeral for decades ! Over Two Million are converging at Shivaji Park ~ The Procession stretches for several kms and the ocean of people hides the Road they’re walking on !

It’s not Fear ,as many would lead us to believe,but an unprecedented outpouring of Emotion that’s bringing the Men and Women to Shivaji Park 

Never knew Bal Thackeray personally ~ but every year unfailingly at Ganesha Festivities,his local Shiv Sena Pramukh would approach for Satyanarayan and Ganeshs Poojan Donations and even give a Receipt !

Just one Thought  comes to my mind ~ Clearly Bal Thackeray was a  Father Figure and much Loved and Revered Leader of the Mumbai and Maharashtra People and the Shiv Sainiks ~ What a Pity that  a Man who could  fire Millions just by his Oratory Tiger Roar,out of choice preferred to stay within his bastion of Mumbai rather than go more deeper into his own State and National and fire a Billion Indians

One may argue with his Views &  Rigid Stance on Many Issues,but a Leader of Conviction who roars and fires from the Hip too and has Mass Appeal with great Wit too is not born every day ! ~ He leaves behind a Strong Legacy that is now in the hands of his 52 year old son Udhav and his grandson Aditya to take forward~ it will be challenging

That I’m an Indian first and Secular too remains more a Prayer than a Reality ! ~ In this Context many believe that Mumbai needed Bal Thackeray and his Shiv Sena to maintain a sense of  stability and balance in our Community~what with Political Parties Congress and NCP creating and using Minority Vote Banks to remain in Power

May Bal Thackeray’s Soul rest in peace….he stood for more than just the Marathi Manoos !


1 thought on “Mumbai & Maharashtra’s Shiv Sena Tiger & Supremo Balasaheb Thackeray roars his last breath…..Believe me ! Mumbai shall miss him !”

  1. Naina Dichwalkar

    May God give peace to Saheb and now is the time when Uday and Raj should come together to save mumbai, Maharashtra and Marathi MANOOS. Because Mumbai & Marathi MANOOS both are life of Bala Saheb.

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