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My Kids and Me ! Bonding with a Twist !

I’ve got three Masters….my wife and my two kids, an eighteen year old son and a soon to be thirteen daughter

My Sensitive Eighteen Year old Son yet has to collect his College ID in the Second month of the New Yearhis day begins after Noon….. and the Only time he cuddles up is when he wants the Car or his Pocket Money….. His excuse for Sleeping like Kumbhkarna… “Dad, as you soulfully say, “Hold on to your Dreams !” I need to continue sleeping to do this”

It took Aamir Khan’s new movie, “Jaane tu…ne janne na” to reveal to me how this India’s Golden young Generation “Chill”…….Freedom without Responsibility, I say…..How to get your grown up son to get responsible ?….I tell him he’ll get the car sometimes and his pocket money only if he produces the College ID Card !…… It’s two weeks since he’s asked for Money… as for the Car, he takes his chances !…. He’s just started his articles towards CA Studies.. and I must confess he passed his CPT and got into a top CA Firm without my help…so there’s yet some hope for him…he’s into guitaring too past few years encouraged by “Vayu’s” lead guitarist… over six foot tall and with some strength… kneads my spine brilliantly to destress me… nothing is free… he gets the car that day ! I should be forewarned ! that there’s a lot of kneading going on these days!  

Ah ! And my soon to be thirteen daughter ? she’s so hyper active… she feels that on a Sunday by 9 am if we have not done something the day is wasted ! ….. she’s wholesale into Karate (Should get her Black Belt this December), Football (School Team GoalKeeper), Gymnastics (Two Hours of Rigid Practise daily )…. but the reason I write about her on my blog is that I’ve been sitting with her for five to six hours every night till nearly 2 am  past two nights to chase out last minute demons she suddenly showed when attacking her Science and Social Studies Books… her first term exams are on… She’s a Honours student… yet it’s been a revelation…she overestimated her ability to cope with last day studying… and her determined attitude did not allow her to study by exception… in that she did not want to leave out anything… here I was !… Re-learning Density, Mass and Volume and how to measure Irregular Solids and that it was Sher Shah Suri who literally “coined” the term “Rupee” and that Akbar had over 300 wives but discouraged “Polygamy”! and that Amazon Jungle has One third of the World’s trees and is responsible for half of the Oxygen in the Air… if they die .. we die !…… This Bonding cannot be had for the Love of Money !… so profusely thankful is she that I’ve received more hugs in the past two nights than in the past two months… Oh! and when I scolded her for leaving studying for Exams to the last miniute she cheekily tells me “Look at it this way Dad !I won’t bother you for the next six months now!”  

Want to experience Divinity ?… get your kids to sleep on top of you !


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