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“My name is Khan”…saw it First Day,Last Show in Mumbai with Theatres under Threat of Disruption by Shiv Sena…Was bored a bit by the Movie!

Shiv Sena,Mumbai based Political Party had threatened to disrupt screening of the Shah Rukh Khan starrer “My Name is Khan” on the day of release on Friday,February 12,2010….they had taken cudgels with SRK for his views that Pak Players should have been selected in the auctions for the IPL 3 Season

The Film did release,though 2000 Shiv Sainiks were taken into preventive custody….Multiplexes in Mumbai were assured of security by the State Government,but many were cautious in approach and did not risk it in the morning…however by evening most were screening the movie

So I must thank the Shiv else would we have managed the first day tickets on the day of release itself in Movie Mad Mumbai ! ?

So my wife and I took in the 10.30 pm show in a South Mumbai Multiplex after Internet Ticket Bookings at 7 pm….got parking quite easily….relatively less crowds at the Multiplex…and the Movie began with us watching the Screen and  six inspectors and constables,three on either side of the screen,watching us !

The Movie has been much hyped and then this pre-release threat of disruption !

I was frankly bored in the first half…though the movie did stir me in the second…my wife,though,loved the Movie…got a bit emotional as Kajol and SRK played out their act on the screen…she must think I’m autistic because I did not respond humanly to the tear jerking scenes! 

However here’s my brief comment on the Movie’s message “My Name is Khan and I’m not a Terrorist”

I think we humans all need to become autistic to understand that there are just two kinds of people on this Planet…Good or Bad…the one with the Lollipop is Good…the one with the Stick is Bad…it’s really this simple….we humans tend to be become Inhuman and complicate issues needlessly and, I must add ,dangerously.  

We have close friends who’s child has been afflicted by some strain of Autism….so we were able to relate to SRK’s portrayal of one who is afflicted with Asperger’s Syndrome…However what is far fetched in this character is SRK being able to play organisational and leadership roles….Those who are ‘autistic’ can rarely display this…they tend to have good memories,poor mathematical skills and cannot practice tact or common niceties or etiquette,in that they can be blunt and brutally honest to the face without feeling any sense of remorse or guilt about it…their social skills are poor and they are unable to develop or make lasting friendships….they depend and survive on parents deep understanding and support…..our respect for and bonding with our friends has gone up multifold…they have even got their younger son to unconditionally love and support the elder one…and the elder one is a Living encyclopedia on Wildlife and Greek Mythology and Dinosaurs….we are his friends…but he’s becoming a major and so referring to ‘Sex’ is inevitable…and because he is blunt it tends to have some awkward moments !

Both Kajol and SRK share excellent chemistry yet again on screen and I suspect will bag some Awards for essaying their roles in MNIK….but SRK was more effortlessly convincing  in ‘Chak De’    

For me,MNIK was not gripping enough for all the hype that surrounded it pre-release

But That’s my opinion..and I suspect I may be in the Minority here !

Cheers !    


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