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My Son simply swears by ‘Ayubs’ for the kebabs and ‘Bachelors’ for the Juices and Icecream in South Mumbai

My Car has both the Menus in the Glove Compartment as my Son simply swears by ‘Ayubs’ for the succulent kebabs in Kala Ghoda,between Fountain and Colaba and ‘Bachelors’ for the Fresh Fruit Juices and  Natural Icecream without any Artificial Flavours near Chowpatty Beach in South Mumbai

……and this weekend Kunal Vijaykar,the host of ‘The Foodie’ on the ‘Times Now’ Channel is covering both…the guy’s got a great job,if you can call it that !…he lives his passion and gets paid for it too !…he’s on my Club’s Catering Committee alongwith the famous Tarla Dalal

Ayub,himself set up ‘Ayubs’ in 1985 and was actually making Sandwiches from a 3 Foot by 1.5 foot table at Cuffe Parade in South Mumbai…one day a customer got some Rotis from home and asked him to stuff them with Chicken…other customers started asking for the same…and thus was born the famous Ayubs ‘Wrap’…it’s a thin roomali type roti and today ‘Ayubs’ offers 25 stuffing combinations from the initial five….Chicken in Tikka,Reshmi or Shahi Form…Mutton….Vegetarian Options revolve around Mushroom and Potato Combinations…two chutnies,red and green, are spread across a hot roti and the stuffing is straight swiped off into the thin roomali roti from the skewer lifted from the charcoal fuelled flames… rings of raw onion are spread across…the roti is then wraped manually inside a  second or two within a butter paper hold and served to customers who come in their cars and eat off it on the road….service is on till way past midnight and Ayub reveals that he now sells 500 wraps in a night….it is spicy in flavour but not price…so please do instruct if you want your wrap non spicy or less spicy……Do remember to call for a Bottle of Mineral Water or an aerated drink…your ‘Wrap’ will roll down your throat well with this 

And Bachelors… was set up in the mid 1930s by the late Mr Agarwal and is run by his family now……try the Chilli and Ginger flavour Icecream…. and in season, relish the fresh Strawberries or ripe Alphonso Mangoes with Fresh Cream…if you’re into Milkshakes check out  their ‘Liquid Marble’,that’s literally a vertical half and half Milkshake…Chocolate and Vanilla…you are served in your Car…and at weekends it’s difficult to find parking space at ‘Bachelors’….one has to park a little distance away as Marine Drive begins from the Beach side….Bachelors has placed it’s guys all along the road to take your orders and serve you…It offers some fast food choices too 

It’s past 2 am on a Sunday Morning as I blog this….I think I’ll make it an A & B Sunday 

Cheers !


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