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Nah ! for Nakoda 46 paise ~ warning was issued three years ago

On December 6,2013 following on a blog reader Dinesh Sampat’s request I had posted the warning below with elaborate reasoning:

Nah ! or Wah ! for Nakoda Ltd at Rs 10.50!? ~ This is for you Dinesh Sampat 🙂

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This Tuesday morning the Times of India edition carried a brief coverage of CBI arresting the Promoters of Nakoda for forging papers and manipulating accounts to avail of Bank Loans of over Rs 2000 crs which were siphoned off

Here’s the coverage & here’s BSE asking for clarification from the company  on the same

The Share Price is 46 paise on BSE …yes it’s still quoted


Planning a Training Workshop that has a classic Theme for such low priced Wealth Destroyers & how & when to spot a turnaround & take the risk,if indicated  ….should announce it shortly

Do not get seduced by low below par quotes & a mindset as “what could go wrong…the down side is limited !”….you’ve already been foolish in Global Trust Bank  (vapourised) & Kingfisher Airlines(suspended but as good as vapourised) just to mention a few black sheep



4 thoughts on “Nah ! for Nakoda 46 paise ~ warning was issued three years ago”

  1. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for this Amazing Post..I have gain some really good growth in my portfolio following your advice & strategies in your blogs. Please keep writing regularly.

    Also, please let us know your thoughts on S Chand IPO.


    Ashish Ranjan

  2. Dear Sir,
    I have started to learn stock trading and wanted to know more about Full service broker and their franchise. I have been reading blogs from and , i need more insights about the stock investments like which company provide better services and are more reliable for ROI. If you can suggest any better blog, that would be nice.

    1. Dear Santosh ,Can’t advise on which broking house is best…but can say this…they’re all equally good or bad at various times in their recommendations! 🙂 …you will get lots of stock ideas from all around,especially in bull markets…train yourself to do your own research for better conviction on Value Vs Price rather than simply follow blindly any particular person or broking house…after all there are sellers & buyers both at a price…Cheers

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