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Nat Geo Wild ~ Awesome Answers to Animal Issues ~ Sea Lions in this Case

I would strongly recommend a daily dose of Nat Geo Wild ~ if you’re a Hathaway Cable customer it’s Channel 456 currrently

This morning I saw a fascinating serial ‘When Animals Behave Badly’

Sea Lions on Pier 39 in San Francisco Bay

Sea Lions ~ These huge sloppy but cute animals had simply chosen Pier 39 Marina in San Francisco Bay in USA to park themselves in great numbers from 1990 ~ they were a record 1700 at one time ~ disappeared suddenly for awhile only to return back in 2010 ~ barking,pushing,slumbering ~ simply taking over Pier 39!

Boat Owners were stressed out ~ the noise at night was getting to them ~ it was like living in a dog kennel said one ~ another stepped out for a breath of fresh air in the night from his boat only to step on a sea lion ! both yelled at each other ~ but both were scared !

So the vexed boat owners came out with some horrendous solutions to electrify the area or strew it with broken glass ! to electrocute and injure these lovely God’s Creatures ! ~ Cousteau Researchers even said they could send a Mechanised Shark,a natural predator, to be put in the Bay to scare off the sea lions !

What was wisely done was remarkable ! ~ Nothing !

Boat Owners were given  choice to park their Boats in another nearby Marina ~ and the sea lions who had made this their home of choice were left to their choice ! ~ They soon became a tourist attraction and hundreds came to see them in their hundreds ~ and that too at close range which would not have been possible out at sea !

Awesome Answer to An Animal Issue !

Read more on them on Pier 39 here >

Cheers !


4 thoughts on “Nat Geo Wild ~ Awesome Answers to Animal Issues ~ Sea Lions in this Case”

  1. Fantastic Channel – Of late I have also been gravitating towards Nat Geo Wild instead of the stupid political debates on Times Now or NDTV.

    What strikes me the most is how we Humans are so similar to Animals in terms of how we react to situations and people. Lions when they take over a pride get rid of the cubs sired by the erstwhile alpha male. Whenever a man marries a woman who is a divorcee get rid of the child born out of the previous wedlock by dumping them in Hostel.

    What is amazing to watch is the miracle of birth in God’s scheme of things. A Crocodile Mother gently picking up the young as soon as they have hatched and ferrying them to the sea; A herd of elephants surrounding another elephant in labour helping her deliver and the matriarch of the pride goading the just born to get on its feet by gently prodding and pushing it…………..A sight to behold.

    I don’t think I will go back to the political debates !!!

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