Navroze Mubarak to all Parsis in India and Overseas

This Greetings Creation is courtesy of my overseas creative and talented sister in law …when she is not engaged in Social Service..she is most days and has recently been recognised for being the best Individual Social Worker for her selfless,tireless and continuous efforts …she creates wonders in stained glass,oil colours and other mediums

Navroze Mubarak to all Parsis in India and Overseas 

Cheers !

2 thoughts on “Navroze Mubarak to all Parsis in India and Overseas

  1. Wish u and ur family the same Sir..

    BTW..i was just wondering if you are planning to make it for the legendary Warren Buffet visit in New Delhi..considering that you too are a big follower of the Guru..

    Shahzad Jimmy Vasaigara

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