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Nepal Earthquake ~ Mankind be Warned as Earth gets really angry

What on Earth is Happening this last week !?

A Series of Earthquakes in the last three days across the Planet from New Zealand to USA and the most devastating one in Nepal yesterday !

Preceded by a  Volcano Eruption in Chile  ...a Volcano that has not erupted in four decades

I’ve been to Kathmandu more than once in the 1970’s and 1980’s and have fond memories of the place and am heartbroken to see this devastation and loss of lives 

Earth is real angry….Our Mother Nature is furious

India too has tragically witnessed loss of tens of thousands of lives in the last 15 years through the Bhuj Earthquake in 2001 and the Tsunami in 2004 and Flash Mountain Floods in Uttarakhand in 2013 

Mankind be Warned !

Volatile & Vulnerable ~ Can we think Beyond the Sensex Please ! ~ We should be aware and concerned more about real Techtonic Plate Shifts rather than Techtonic Economic Power Shifts 

Moments like these we sense how helplessly more Vulnerable we are than we think and sense that we are all in queue and praying the queue never moves ! 

Praying for Our Planet Earth to Calm Down and spare all of us


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