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NHPC drops below Issue Price of Rs 36 on second day of Listing

I had told you that the Government was Greedy when it priced the NHPC IPO at Rs 36

Listing Gains were indicated…but yesterday the Listing was listless and it was only some strong face saving market making that kept the price over the  Price decided of Rs 36

But today it dropped to Rs 35.75 on the BSE before recovering to barely close over Rs 36

Anyone wanna bet ? I yet stand by what I stated earlier that you’ll get NHPC in the Rs 25-Rs 30 range

I agree with Vallabh Bhansali of Enam and Uday Kotak of Kotak Mahindra, when as Lead Managers of the IPO, they were bravely defending a listless listing and opined  yesterday that NHPC needs to be bought for the Long Term….only I prefer to do so at my price of Rs 25 (one and a half times Book) in the Secondary market rather than support the IPO Price of Rs 36 (30 Earnings Multiple) in the Primary Market 

Cheers !


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