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Nifty Fifty is 20 today ~ from 1000 to 8000 ~ Cause to Celebrate at just 11% CAGR !?

Nifty Fifty was born with a base of 1000 on November 3,1995,a year after NSE’s Equity Segment was born

Today it’s over 8000 computing to a CAGR of just  11% though it’s gone up over 700% in the period and become an eight bagger

Cause to Celebrate !?

Come on Buck up Nifty !!!

Or is it that conceptually you can’t !? ….because in the short term you may be a voting machine but in the longer term you’re a weighing machine !…weighing Corporate Earnings  and  the three leading rates…Interest,Exchange & Inflation …and India is Huge in size,population and economy & not a Banana Republic !

So Guys if you got to do better than the  Nifty  Fifty (11% CAGR in 20 years) or the  Sensex 30 which did 10.80 % in the same period you got to think beyond passive investing and get into active equity investing for serious wealth creation beyond taxes and inflation

😀  and that involves the right Company to invest in !…and that involves not throwing a random dart !

Happy Birthday Nifty Fifty nonetheless !




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