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Nirbhaya….go see this Play & Raise Your Hand to Break the Silence on Women Atrocities !…we Men are not all the Same !


Respect the Female Gender and Protect it too and Raise Your Hand to support the Movement against Female Atrocities

Go see ‘Nirbhaya’ it’s at NCPA ,Mumbai till March 20,2014 before moving to New Delhi & Bangalore

It was a choice between catching  India’s well known Woman Tabla Player Anuradha Pal celebrating Life with her ReCharge Percussion Band at the Club’s Main Lawns or supporting and saluting ‘Nirbhaya’  who had Lost Her Life and Other Women who were reclaiming theirs….I’m glad I went to NCPA with my 18 year old daughter and her friend…will ReCharge with Anuradha Pal and her Band  some other time !

….caught ‘Nirbhaya’s first show yesterday  and it received a standing ovation…90 min with no intermission…intense in parts…minimum props and lighting to keep the focus on the seven actors boldly and starkly enacting real life gruesome stories of female atrocities across the spectrum…some quite dramatically portrayed…to the credit of the director,the pace is deliberately slow to seep in the performances of the clearly committed ensemble of Sapna Bhavnani,Priyanka Bose,Poorna Jagannathan,Sneha Jawale,Rukhsar Kabir,Japjit Kaur and Ankur Vikal

It was quite moving as five of the seven actors actually were portraying what they went through as a dowry wife set alight or a molested childhood….that needs to be saluted for the courage to come forward and break their silence….the director Yael Farber says sexual violence is an epidemic…and the extent and statistics lend this support…one can only imagine but one will never really know what Nirbhaya really went through on that horrific night of December 16,2012 in the Delhi Bus before breathing her last on December 29,2012

……it’s the sad upbringing and nurturing of mindsets set generations ago that make many Men see Women as Family Members with No Voice and Independence or as Objects that are there to be violated

Go See ‘Nirbhaya’ and Break Your Silence Too and Raise Your Hand in Support & Salute !

….we men are not all the same !


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