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No Sugar ? What is my Alternative Sweetener ? Sugar Free or Equal or Splenda ?

No Sugar ? What is the Alternative Sweetener ? Sugar Free or Equal or Splenda ?

I use Splenda  especially as it does not contain Aspartame( a combination of two amino acids,aspartic acid and phenylalanine. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are found naturally in many foods.Aspartame though approved by US FDA with prescribed daily intakes,has been perceived to be responsible for causing many Health issues , even Cancer…though tests are not conclusive 

Those who cannot consume Sugar because they are Diabetic or prefer low or no calorie sweeteners routinely turn to these three popular alternatives  :

  1. Sugar Free Gold Low Calorie Sugar Substitute claims to be India’s No 1 Sweetener ~ It is made from Aspartame,a protein derivative ~ A 0.75 g sachet is equivalent in sweetness to two teaspoons of sugar and contains 2.8 calories instead of 40 calories that the two teaspoons of sugar hold ~ not recommended for Children and not meant for Phenylketoneurics.Ingredients are Lactose,Aspartame and Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone…..Phenylketonurics are people who have PKU disease. People with this disease cannot digest the amino acid phenylalanine properly, so if they eat too much of it, it could build up in their brains and cause mental problems. The warning on the wrapper is warning these people not to eat that product so they can avoid ingesting phenylalanine.
    PKU disease is a genetic condition, and it can be easily discovered through a blood test ~ Sugar Free Gold is manufactured and marketed by Zydus Wellness,Sikkim which is part of the Cadila Pharma Group of Gujarat
  2. Equal is a low calorie sweetener ~ Each Sachet of 1 g contains 36 mg of Aspartame and it’s 4kcal is equivalent in sweetness to two teaspoons of sugar that is 32kcal.The ingredients are Lactose,Aspartame and colloidal silicon dioxide.It is not for Phenylketoneurics and not recommended for Children.It is manufactured by Qualicare Pharmaceuticals Ltd,Medak,Andhra Pradesh and marketed by Merisant India Pvt Ltd,New Delhi
  3. Splenda is a no calorie sweetener that is ideal for the whole family ,including Children,Pregnant and Nursing Women and even those with Kidney,Liver or Cancer Issues.It does not contain Aspartame.It gets the sweetness from Sucralose and also contains Dextrose and Maltodextrin.Each Sachet is 1 g and suitable for people with diabetes.Splenda is distributed by McNeil Nutritionals LLC,Foret Washington,PA,USA.Sucralose is made from a patented process from sugar to a no calorie and no carbohydrate sweetener.Sucralose does not have the after taste bitterness associated with other alternatives to sugar like saccharin and acesulfame K and unlike Aspartame can hold up to heat and thus can also be used in cooking and baking.After 20 years of Research  and over 110 scientific studies it is now allowed in over 80 countries.The US FDA and WHO do not require it to mention any warnings or restricted use on it’s labels.Also it has no expiriy date unlike other sweeteners that need to be conumed within one to three years of manufacture .You can check out why Splenda is a preferred sweetener to others at this link on their website   


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