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One of my Fav Vin Diesel interviewed superbly by Monita Rajpal in CNN Talk Asia

One of my Favourite Hollywood Heroes, Vin Diesel, interviewed superbly by Monita Rajpal in CNN’s   Talk Asia ~ Aired on May 24,2013

Vin Diesel

Simply Love Action Hollywood Hero Vin Diesel ~ ‘XXX’, ‘The Fast &  The Furious Sequel Series ‘,’The Pacifier’,’Saving Private Ryan’

The Guy’s super cool !

Vin always knew he would be  a Big Movie Star ~ he used to register as an Extra to sneak in to the Studio only to hide to observe the Stars and not really want to play an Extra ! ~ he dreamed of being the first big multicultural Movie Star

His Super Break came when Steven Spielberg  chanced to see Vin Diesel’s Multi-Facial and loved his work and called to create  a special role for him in Saving Private Ryan ~ This documentary cost Vin just US $ 3000 to make and covered his auditioning experience in New York and he was not able to sell it at the Sundance Film Festival

How Vin went up to the Woods for Four Months and isolated himself to play the dark character of Riddick !

Awesome Insights into Vin Diesel ~ his self belief and self confidence is incredibly inspiring ~ his being a Doting Father is his Soft side

Leave you with a quotable line from his latest ‘Fast & Furious 6,2013’

“This code you live by is predictable …..And in our line of work Predictable means Vulnerable “



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