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Ongoing Chile Mining Rescue…Life cheats Death….Uplifting Human Spirit….Keep the Faith !

Life Cheats Death !…..33 Miners who have been trapped for 69 days and 700 meters underground in a Chilean Mine in the Northern Part of Chile in the Atacama Desert near Copiaco are now surfacing one by one every hour…crossed the halfway mark just now at 10.15 pm Mumbai time…..more than 17 out so far….. in one of the most uplifting rescue acts in recent times….amazing…..watching it live on CNN……

…….the Wheel of Good Luck ,as it is lovingly now referred to as,on the Rescue equipment controlling the special Phoenix capsule,when it moves clockwise indicates that the capsule with a miner is on it’s journey up….the capsule is 4 meters in height and just 54 cms in diameter…and when the miner surfaces it is amazing to see the lively spirit and the huge smile…..breathing fresh air and in sunshine for the first time in 69 days ! 

…….Familes of the trapped miners have been camping at the disaster site for these 69 days and are now rejoicing….Thumbs Up for Hope and Human Spirit….for Faith and Family…….the 33 Miners have already become a case study for a host of Emotions….but am sure the it was the Team Work that has worked wonders and created this rescue miracle…..Miners are aged from 18 to 56 years….Individual role plays organised within the team spread from being an Electrician to a Paramedic and even singing Elvis Presly Songs  !

God is omnipresent….definitely sighted in Chile ! 


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