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Our External Minister S M Krishna delivers the wrong speech at the UN !…probably his best one !

It was bloody embarrasing alright….and probably has everything to do with Age and Awareness Levels

Our External Minister,78 year old S M Krishna began his speech at the UN Security Council meeting in New York yesterday…three minutes into it,our UN Envoy Hardeep Singh Puri gently reminded the Minister that this was the wrong Speech and that his Speech was lying in a stack of Papers in front of him…what Krishna was reading out like a parrot was the Speech of the Portugese Delegate who had already delivered this speech earlier !

…..This Faux Pas raises a very sombre point…are Speeches at such Important Forums so meaningless and simply parroted from a prepared text  only to be consigned to the records !?…that a minister does not realise it’s the wrong speech till he is prodded ! ?…has he not gone through what he has to say before he says it !..atleast once !

….reminded me of 1983/84 in Sydenham College,Mumbai…we had a quack of a Proffessor for one of our chosen subjects…..there was a Unit Test one Day and a Friend of mine had simply not studied a word for this….but he had great caligraphic writing skills and instead of answering the questions he beautifully wrote in the paper,the whole story of the classic Movie ‘Pakeezah’ !…and no guesses for who got the Highest marks in the Test !….this Professor simply did not read or register what was written

…..our Minister read but did not register…and tongue in cheek this must have been his best speech yet !

Shame !     


2 thoughts on “Our External Minister S M Krishna delivers the wrong speech at the UN !…probably his best one !”

  1. sir,
    Is this the first time that so many scams and shames coming for India or these are all highlighted only now bcos of active media.I dont know

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