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Overcautious then you will miss out the Bull Market unleashed for the next few years and more

😆 This is the fifth great Life Changing Wealth Creation Opportunity in the last 25 years

1991  ~  1997/8  ~  2001-3  ~  2009  ~  2013/4

Not Following the discipline of Asset Allocation and therefore not doing a rebalancing exercise every year played up the Reinvestment Risk in Equities and it proved to be a disaster for most in Equity…what was gained was lost and more !…so we face a situation of many waiting to exit not enter Equity !…Mistake !….FIIs have pumped in net over US $ 8 Billion in 2014 so far in Indian Equities

Learn this  Lesson of Asset Allocation & Rebalancing well and don’t be Overcautious or  you will miss out the Bull Market unleashed for the next few years and more

😆 You may fantasize  about Sunny Leone & Suzlon together now…midriffs and midcaps !….yes, you should .could,would have picked up 50000 shares of Suzlon at under Rs 6 just a little over nine months ago in August 2013 to reap this fantabulous run till date of @ 450% to Rs 31+ …the Rs 3 lakhs would have fired up to Rs 15.50 lakhs !….dont worry about it….such huge wealth creating opportunities in selected scrips will continue to come as the Sensex & Nifty double from even current record levels of 25400 and  7600 in the next three to four years….so even Index Investing will give good returns over twice or thrice those from secure bank deposits and bonds

Check this comprehensive SCRIP STANDPOINT Weekender that I released

Week Ending Friday,June 6,2014~Overcautious & You’ll Miss the Fun! ~ 06-Jun-2014

🙄 Yes,of course  there are many Imponderables and you do need to be cautious on unsolicited recommendation SMSes and Cats & Dogs bouncing and Over Trading & Reinvestment Risk & proliferation of IPOs at obscene Premiums again & beware of those offering No Risk 100% gains in Equity and not get trapped in Markets and Scrips running ahead of Fundamentals…..keep at least a  3 to 5 year investment perspective for Wealth Creation through Equities even though the Short Term too is and may continue to offer great opportunities

The New PM & his NDA Government yet has to announce Economic Measures & Reforms to revive the GDP Growth rate back over 6% and then beyond 7% and more too that is expected from them

Happy Trading & Investing

Cheers !


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