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Padma Shri,T N Shanbag of Strand Book Stall passes away

Padma Shri,T N Shanbag of Strand Book Stall passed away last week….I’m truly sad although I did not really know him…but know well what he too held close to his heart….Books…..Strand’s Premier Store is on P M Road,in Mumbai’s Business District of South Mumbai and a hop skip and jump from my Office

Many Books in My Library have been sourced from Strand…..reasons have been largely three….Strand always offers a standard discount of 20% on every book….old or new,popular or not…the second reason is that they always would try to ,often succesfully,source a Book for me that they did not have with them…. and last they accepted Cheques from me for my purchases…a great sign of trust and goes to build goodwill and long term relationships 

Shanbag’s health ebbed significantly these past few years…He was on the Library Sub committee of My Club,but ill health forced him to resign some years ago…Thus I lost the chance to interact with him when I helped the Club develop a customised Library software  

May your soul rest in peace,Mr Shanbag…Book Lovers will miss you…On Earth you always guided us to some Heavenly Books…Now you are better positioned  and elevated to a higher level and plain to continue doing so !


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