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PALS ~ Plants & Animal Lovers Society ~ A Labour of Love ~ Our Zoey is from there

PALS ~ Plants & Animal Lovers Society ~ A Labour of Love

Plants & Animal Lovers Society ~ PALS For Life

PALS is a wonderful Labour of Love of Veterinarian Dr Silloo and her lovely Team…..Earlier this week I had visited their Colaba Clinic in Mumbai…It’s a non descript Clinic…cluttered and quite small that it’s easy to trip over both Dogs and Owners and shelves and benches!….just a Hop Skip and Jump away from the Taj Mahal Hotel and Gateway of India…

Top Model Zoey in the PALS Calendar of 2010

Zoey,my daughter’s Three Year Old Dog was overdue for a check up…Three Years ago we had adopted Zoey from PALS itself ….It was a passionate desire of daughter and she was being rewarded for excelling in School and extracurricular…Zoey was a stray and needed a Home… a mixed Breed with Labrador Blood….Cute two month old Puppy in 2009 when daughter set eyes on her and said ‘She’s the one I want!’ …PALS later featured her in their 2010 Calendar as above

Zoey captured the Bean Bag !

The Living Room Bean Bag became Zoey’s…Only hers !…we tried recapturing it in Vain !

Now she’s outgrown it and is into more Worldly Matters as you can see !…reading the Morning Newspapers  with me !

Zoey reading the Morning Newspapers to stay abreast with Current Affairs

…and she loves it when taken for a Drive…head out of the Window to take in the Wind !…get’s her smiling always like below !….just as it does when several children pat her and play with her

A Smiling Zoey

Cut back to the Colaba Clinic Visit

At the Clinic,there was a steady stream of all kinds of Dogs and Owners …Well Heeled with their rich pedigree American Collier or the huge shaggy Bear size New Foundland to the Common Man with adopted street dogs….There was no Preferential Treatment….It was a First come First Serve…..and it was truly heart warming to see the love and affection the elderly  Dr Silloo gave each and every Dog…it was like a Mother tending to her Flock !….only a True Lover of Animals can be so Loving….she was petting each Dog fondly and talking to them as she treated them…they were like putty in her tender hands…no half Treatment or hurrying up on Treatment because other Dogs were waiting and one or two owners throwing a little weight around…we were there for an hour and a half…humane…and she even took calls in between to tackle emergencies…one was a call from Bengaluru !

….could not help thinking how it is with us Humans !…At Our Hospitals and Doctors Clinic,more often than not the scene is quite the contrary…preferential treatment and service to the monied…apathy to most others !…ironically we,humans treat our own kind as animals !…..just a month ago a poor man lost his wife,injured in an accident,  after a leading Mumbai Hospital refused to admit her as he could not deposit the required Rs 25000 !….From Morning to Evening he ran from one Hospital to another and it was several hours before he was able to admit her….the delay turned out fatal as his wife succumbed  to her injuries

God Bless Vet Dr Silloo and her Team…May there be more Like her to serve on this Planet


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