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Paul the Oracle Octopus has now predicted a German win to clinch 3rd Spot at FIFA World Cup 2010 and a Spanish win to be crowned World Champions !…wondering how the Octopus chooses…flag shape or colours !?

Paul,the German Oracle Octopus has called winning teams correctly not once,not twice…but six consecutive times at the concluding FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa…clearly Psychic

This eight legged (obviously!…it’s an Octo-pus !) sea creature has now made it’s seventh and eighth prediction….that Germany will beat Uruguay in the playoff for 3rd Place and Spain will triumph against the Netherlands to be crowned the World Champions

I was wondering how does Paul do this !…was sure it’s to do with preference for certain colours…as Paul chooses to eat a mussel from one of two Glass containers each draped on top by a Flag of the Country playing that particular match…so the winner predicted is that country whose flag was draped on the Glass container chosen to pick  the mussel to eat from

…..curiousity was addressed by this writeup on the net today…i love the way it begins…”What has eight legs but no backbone? No, not the England team’s lily-levered defence “

it seems it’s to do with Shapes…not colours….and moreover the colour red disappears underwater……Octopus love horizontal shapes and can distinguish hues and brightness….Both German and Spain Flags have huge horizontal Bands…but Spain has a big distinguishing Yellow Band….hope this is the scientific and logical and rational explanation….however it does not explain why that country wins !…six times consecutively correct !…believe me if Paul is correct the seventh and the eight time,he will have started a Cult belief for all Octopus….that they can predict your future too!… now along with Parrots picking your fortune,you’ll have Octopus’ tentacles also doing so !

…..wonder what my wife thinks of all this…..she’s completely hooked on fortune tellers and soothsayers…high probability that a parrot had predicted me as her husband !….wish the parrot had been wrong!…just kidding!… I got to fear the Octopus….anybody knows where in Mumbai can one get to consult an Octopus ?…my wife wants to know…or no dinner for me tonight !     

Cheers !


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