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‘Playboy’ planning ‘Women of Wall Street’…How about ‘Damsels of Dalal Street’ !?

Came across an entertaining news release by ‘Playboy’.They are planning for their February 2009 issue to feature around 20 Wall Street Women in the buff in  a feature ‘Women of Wall Street’.They have done features on’ Women of Enron’ and the likes before

Hey Playboy ! We’ve already seen these Women being laid Financialy Bare by Wall Street….and now you’re going to Bare it All ! 

How about ‘Debonair’ (Is it yet around !?) doing a similar feature on the ‘ Damsels of Dalal Street ‘ ?Nah !…But how about doing one on those seducing ‘Mannequins of the Stock Media’?…Now that’s a wider and more attractive choice to choose from ! 


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