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PM Manmohan Singh finally chooses to break his Silence on Pressing Challenges and Accusations on Corruption and Inflation among others……would have been better if he had stayed silent

Our PM Manmohan Singh called for this Meeting this morning at 11 am at his residence at 7 Racecourse Road,New Delhi with the Top Editors of Media Channels to break his silence on a Host of Issues challenging his Coalition administration and India currently and field questions from the Editors


It was naive to expect him to expose his coalition and party colleagues on Corruption……He said nothing that we do not know already !


My sense was he should have remained Silent……


Because what came out from his 90 minutes live telecast meeting was this……


HONESTY….that we have his assurance that he was dead serious of bringing to book all wrong doers regardless of the position they occupy….he asserted that they will not escape this time….but he has been unable to live up to his promise of 90 days on exposing the culprits on the Commonwealth Games Corruption as due process of law has to be followed,however frustratingly long it takes


HELPLESSNESS….On the Twin Demons of Rising Inflation and Corruption,without precedence in Scale…the PM expressed helplessness on Inflation,especially food inflation confessing that we did not have all the tools to fight this…we have no control of International events….India is now an open economy and will be impacted…we are trying to combat inflation without compromising on GDP Growth …..On the Issue of Corruption,the PM raised the politics of Coalition Compulsions….but tell me Mr PM,where is coalition compulsion in the Scams of Adarsh Housing,Commonwealth Games,Black Monies in Swiss Banks and ISRO-Devas Space Spectrum !….you can pass the blame on coalition compulsions only where the huge 2G Scam is concerned where the world knows of Coalition Partner DMK’s involvement…..on one hand you are assuring us that all wrong doers will be brought to book while on the other hand you are trying to cover up the alleged involvement of Congress Higher Ups in Huge Scams by deflecting the blame on Main opposition party BJP and your Coalition Partners !


HILARITY…..Mr PM, you are well recognised as an Economist too and as Father of Modern Reforms in India when as Finance Minister in 1991 you initiated some path breaking economic reforms…so I was completely flabergasted when you drew parallels between the 2G Scam Loss and the Food,Fuel and Fertiliser Subsidies !….Hilarious !….and completely unacceptable…..The 2G Scam was facilitated to benefit a few corporates and their Promoters to the tune of thousands of Crores !… selling the treasured national asset of spectrum at cheap rates to a predecided selected few corporates,some even ineligible !,and who lost no time in making obscene profits of thousands of crores by leveraging on this asset by selling of huge chunks of their Equity at fantastic valuations …….clearly this was the predecided nexus gameplan between politicians and bureaucrats and the beneficiaries……and therefore clearly it is logical to assume that the beneficaries passed on some of the benefit  back into the nexus in various ways…probably some before and some after getting the spectrum……How in the hell can you compare this Loss to the Exchequer to the Subsidies on Food,Fuel and Fertilisers !…..current telecom Minister,Kapil Sibal wants us to believe that 2G  is a Zero loss ! while CBI has just stated yesterday that it is easily Rs 50000 crs and counting,while CAG report says it could be as high as Rs 176000 crs !…..the rationale of Subsidies is that the Poor should not feel the brunt of Rising Input Prices and therefore they,like farmers, are accomodated with Tax Payers therefore paying for this accomodation…the beneficiaries of the subsidies are therefore targeted to be the millions of the poor in India


Methinks the Left and BJP will tear the PM apart on his breaking his silence like this….the PM may even face pressures from his coalition partners for expressing his helplessness in checking corruption because of coalition compulsions !


Methinks PM would have been well advised to remain Silent…..he asserts he has a job to do and an unfinished agenda….and will remain for the full term of his office…he is one and a half years into it and has three and a half years remaining 


Parliament that was disrupted the last time as BJP demanded a JPC on the 2G Scam,may well resume in a normal manner next week as Budget session begins as the Government is in talks with BJP and may well agress to the JPC


But one thing is sure…the heartbeats of 1.2 billion Indians will continue to beat loud and strong and till Mr PM you keep your promise of bringing all wrong doers in the huge scams to book regardless of the position they occupy and bring down Inflation, you can expect rising restlessness,anger and frustration


Mr PM,you speak of an obligation of the Media,Opposition and the Government and that we must not focus on the negatives lest we weaken the self confidence of the people of India…..but look at the flipside….In a thriving Democracy like India,we need to thank the Honest Media,Lively Opposition and a censuring Judiciary to sustain and raise Awareness Levels of the Problems of Corruption,Criminalisation,  Communalism,Internal Security and Commercial Threats like Rising Inflation that affect our Great Nation


It’s a tough job and extremely challenging….and I see India now being even increasingly being confronted with external influencing forces on a host of issues ,specifically from the two Super Powers of USA and China……even the tiny state of Leicheinstein has the temerity to act tough with us !….. but Come On PM ! you chose to be in the Hot Seat….. rise above Congress and Coalition Compulsions and Opposition Bashing…put India’s Interests first !…take firm ,fearless and fast decisive action…..No Cover ups….. the buck stops with you as the Head of the Cabinet and our Nation ……1.2 Billion Indians are not corrupt,criminal or communal…..Only Vested Groups are…..and they are destroying the rich and varied fabric of India…..otherwise I fear your eroding personal Credibility will erode even further….that of your Congress party has already been compromised hugely…you may not be an accused but many sense that by allowing what happened or is happening you become an accomplice….it’s a hard,heavy and hurtful cross to bear….you’re not a loser….you will not resign… take hard and tough decisions in India’s Interests and not those to keep your Coalition in Power at all costs…because such costs are destabilising India  


As always I Remain Patriotic,Hopeful and Optmistic…..


Cheers !


3 thoughts on “PM Manmohan Singh finally chooses to break his Silence on Pressing Challenges and Accusations on Corruption and Inflation among others……would have been better if he had stayed silent”

  1. Dear Sir,

    Not PM but congress should resign and india should go for new election and government..
    This is only solution to show to the world at least indian are against corruption if not plolitician

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