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Professor Parikhs ! ~ Hey ! that’s got a nice ring to it !~ Children too get an early Opportunity to Train and mentor the young

It’s been a wonderful beginning to July

Viva Espana ! My fav Spain thrashed Italy 4-0 in the Euro 2012 Football Finals early this morning just @ 2.15 am Indian Time

However most heart warming was both Children are getting an opportunity at a young age to live their passion for Training and Mentoring others in specific fields

Younger Daughter, who has just moved Std XI was selected to mentor younger Children against Bullying and Ragging as she’s seen as a Role Model who commands respect ~ she attended a Special Workshop yesterday for this ~ Good Going Girl ! ~ she’s already quite active in community and social work and imparting football training to younger girls

And this early morning Son confirmed he had been appointed as  a Guitar Trainer for once a week sessions at a Performing Arts Centre run by a leading Institution ~ seems they had advertised and received 60 applications and were not happy ~ so they invited my son who had played for free at a recent NGO Function and had impressed the Organisers and who had recommended to the Institution to try him out  ~ the Institution was impressed too with his guitar skills and passion to impart training to the youngsters without as much bothering about the remuneration ! ~ Proud of you Son

Both Children are following in Parents footsteps to share knowledge and an attitude to give back to society! ~ Wife is passionate about Multi media and Web Designing and Development and Chocolate Making and shares her skills in these while I’m passionate about Equities and love sharing my Experience and Knowledge at Training Sessions

Professor Parikhs ! ~ Hey ! That’s got a nice ring to it !

Cheers !


5 thoughts on “Professor Parikhs ! ~ Hey ! that’s got a nice ring to it !~ Children too get an early Opportunity to Train and mentor the young”

  1. Hi Gaurav,
    Whats ur views on EPC irrigation?
    It is just 250 crore cos in micro irrigation sector now run by manegment like Mahindra which is very strong in Rural sector????

  2. Hi Gaurav this what I replied to u in your contenst when choose my pick Titan Industries as second winner ”
    Thanks Gaurav Sir,
    Email from you just boost my confidence .
    I would like to give my hamper to shahzad. After reading his post and your post on Tata Global I did research my way. I found it very very interesting and great long term bet(I was fool to think it as just Tea Company)”. In one year Renuka Sugar(58), Titan(4573) have moved nowhere or down.

    But Tata global has given 30% return from that level.Not just that but people are saying that starbuck venture is not at all priced in CMP of tata global beverage which can bring totally new perception(from perception of commodity business) to the future of Tata global. Apart from that there have been very positive management changes recently.

    Do u still think Tata Global was deserving winner position in that Contest. Its not about right or wrong as only liar can be always right. When I posted there was no news of Starbuck so you can call it as Matka pickup.
    Whatever be that, Can we buy it now with good future of starbuck OR that JV will represent only smalll part of total Tatat global revenue?

    You can read my comments there


    1. Gaurav Parikh

      Yup Sameer, Tata Global has certainly outperformed the others this past year ~ Many Months after the relevant TAP GAP Multibagger Poser and sometime in December 2011 we had recommended it to be considered strongly in Clients Portfolios when it was Rs 80+ ~ I remain very fond of it for the long term ~ I think it can do wonders going forward

      Sameer,TAP GAP Poser was for performance over coming five years from May/June of 2011 ~ we’ve finished just one year from there ! ~ I’m sure Renuka and Titan will recover quite strongly ~ However Tata Global certainly looks good

      For your other query on EPC Irrigation,let me have a look at it

      Cheers !

  3. Extremely happy see your children do so well in life. It is rare to find such lovely children in todays world. May they keep their feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. God bless them.

  4. Thanks Gaurav for your views on Tata Global.
    1)Do u think “Stabuck-Tata Coeffe JV will represent only smalll part of total Tatat global revenue”???
    2)Many says CCD is well established brand and starbuck can’t take over it. But I really doubt it. People just need cool place to hang out or to have meetins.Doesn’t matter whether its CCD or starbuck or Lavazza or etc


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