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Psychology or Maths or Both !? ~ From the Three Offers how does one Choose the Subscription for ‘The Economist’ ?

Psychology or Maths or Both !? ~ From the Three Offers,how does one Choose or renew the Subscription for ‘The Economist’ 

I’m a great fan of ‘The Economist’…Nothing comes close in Global Business & Financial Journalism  ~superb and up to date  coverage and content and excellent presentation and prose….Though,often I do disagree  with viewpoints and content bias

Last year I had chanced on a superb one day offer on Facebook for an Annual Subscription and I had paid up instantly…think it was just Rs 1350 or was it Rs 2000 for 51 Issues in the Year !….It’s not been repeated since then….So when my really ‘cheap’ Annual Subscription ended I was faced with the question of Renewing it at higher rates

Have been bombarded with three different Offers  ~ Two for regular Fresh Subscription and One for Renewal ~ through Emails and Letters in print

“Interpret the World’ is the tagline of ‘The Economist’….but I’m finding it tough to even Interpret the Subscription Offers 

Can’t Figure out which Offer appeals the Most !…Can you !? …Methinks it’s a classic blend of Psychology and Maths !


Offer No 1 ~ Rs 4000 for an Annual Renewal ~ Reminder Offers Received thrice since April 2012  with extension of Offer Expiry date…the latest offer received yesterday by Post is similar to the earlier ones but with an extended expiry date of August 13,2012

Pay Rs 4000 for an Annual Subscription for 51 issues .This gives an additional 20% discount to the standard subscription price of Rs 5000


Offer No 2 ~ Rs 4250 Aggregate for an Annual  Fresh Subscription to be renewed every Quarter ~ Received every other Day by Email

Pay Rs 500 for the first Quarter for 12 issues at a 79% discount to the Cover Price of Rs 2400 and Renew at Rs 1250 for every subsequent Quarter at a 48% discount to the Cover Price of Rs 2400

This would aggregate to Rs 4250 for an Annual Subscription,unless of course I can work their system and create Fresh New Subscriptions for Rs 500 each quarter !…this would aggregate to just Rs 2000 every year ~ Problem is that they may not have this 79% discount Offer open through the year ! and I may have to take a fresh subscription every quarter in a different name


Offer No 3 ~ Rs 5000 for a Fresh Annual Subscription + Hidesign Leather Bag Free ~ Bombarded by literally Daily Email for a few months now

The Email Headlines may  have changed from ‘Buy Before You Think ‘ to ‘Seize The Day ‘ but the Offer remains the same

Pay Rs 5000 for an Annual Subscription at a 51% Discount to the Cover Price of Rs 10200 and get a Hidesign Leather bag worth Rs 4600 Free…Earlier Emails boasted the Hidesign Bag Price to be even higher at Rs 5795


It may seem a Trivial Pursuit to many of You that I  blog on such an issue to chose a Subscription !….but I’ve all the Time in the World these Days ! ~  Moreover it keeps me mentally fit too ~ You see ,Playing the Sensex or Deciding on these Subscription Offers both involve considerable Play of Psychology and Maths !

Meanwhile I live in Hope….scour the Facebook daily to catch if they dare to repeat their ‘Cheap’ Offer yet again as they did last year !…and whenever I can I catch up on lost Issues at the Club’s Library

I daresay,I’m feeling inclined to even play with ‘The Economist’ Marketing Division here…Give them a Counter Offer ~ Commit an Annual Subscription for Rs 2000 by paying Rs 500 every Quarter and also get the Free Hidesign Leather Bag to boot ! What say !?

Cheers !


4 thoughts on “Psychology or Maths or Both !? ~ From the Three Offers how does one Choose the Subscription for ‘The Economist’ ?”

    1. Gaurav Parikh

      Thanks RR…that was interesting…in my sessions on Investor Psychology and Rational & Irrational Behaviour I have used several situational plays …some of them drawn from Thaler’s work…participants interaction has been quite refreshing and fun in the way a Man and a Woman thinks and in facing a Gains or a loss Probability Situation

      Cheers !

  1. Vaibhav Datta

    Dear Sir, I am huge fan of The Economist. I too received their mails & offers for Subscription offer with Hidesign bag free. But, I could not take it due to some problem in internet. I am again trying for same offer. Can you please guide me how I can avail same offer.
    I will be very thankful to you for same.

    Vaibhav Datta.

    1. Gaurav Parikh

      Hi Vaibhav,

      ‘The Economist’ is currently enticing Visa & Mastercard holders with subscription for print copy for Rs 750 for 12 copies and same price for digital access for 12 issues ~ you can also subscribe for both print and digital at Rs 900 for 12 issues with auto renewal at Rs 1500 for every 12 issues thereafter ~
      You can access their Customer service If you have any questions at

      For subscription enquiries e-mail: [email protected]
      For digital access enquiries e-mail: [email protected]

      For all enquiries via telephone:
      Subscription: 000-800-650-1346 (toll-free)
      Digital access: +44 845 120 0983 (or +44 207 576 8448)

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