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Puma Biotechnology on NYSE up 300% in a single day !

🙄 Puma Biotechnology on NYSE was up 300% in a single day !

😆 Equity Investors Live or Die for this !

On July 22 ,2014 the Share Price was US $ 59 and it shot up yesterday by @ 300% to cross US $ 230 on news of a successful Breast Cancer Drug Trial

The Market Cap is now US $ 7 Billion

😥 Imagine the Guys who sold out before yesterday ! or who don’t hold this scrip !  😐

😛 Now Imagine the Guys who bought before yesterday or held this share yesterday !

The largest Non Promoter Shareholder is Adage Capital Management ,a Hedge Fund of Boston promoted by two Harvard Guys Phillip Cross &  Robert Atchinson  It holds 5.69 Million Shares and made a  Cool near US $ One Billion Gain in a single day yesterday…these guys ran the US $ 5 billion Harvard Endowment Fund quite successfully….They founded Adage in 2001

🙄 That’s what attracts Private & Venture Equity to take the Risk !

Can anyone recall any such mind boggling Single Day Move in any Scrip In India ,other than Listing Manipulations ?

Or Better Yet,can anyone identify any such potential Biotech scrip in India ?…or for that matter in any other Sector like IT ?

I’m asking for a Single Day ‘Eureka” I found it Jump Scrip !




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